• Kaaij, Lucienne

    uit Hoofddorp

    I am a teachter in drawing and an artist. Since august 2016 I am retired. I love it to paint gardens en I am also a lover of working in my garden.

  • Kaas, Emmie

    uit Amsterdam

    Portretartist en I paint free work most of the time flowers. I work with aqrylpaint on linen.

  • Kaats, Renee

    uit Hilversum

    Painter with a focus on selfportraits

  • Kaliberda, Larysa

    uit Haaltert

    My name is Larysa Kaliberda. I start painting under the pseudonym Larysa Kada.206-2017- painting at the Academy of Arts in Aalst Belgium

  • Kalishoek, Ton

    uit Rotterdam

    Design and construction of modular objects and images

  • Kalishoek-Ylstra, Gita

    uit Rotterdam

    Gita Kalishoek-Ylstra [Rotterdam 1958] Acrylic, oil paintings and silk scarfs

  • Kalitkina, Olga

    uit Saint-Peterburg

    A young female artist working with graphics ,painting and digital art

  • Kalmthout, Nicole van

    uit Tilburg

    Nicole van Kalmthout (1953) lives and works in Tilburg (NL).She attended the Academy of Art in Den Bosch. In her first working years, she was mainly occupied with etching landscapes, often of a...

  • Kalse, Juliette

    uit Geldrop

    Ik ben gefascineerd door het samengaan van expressie en rust, gevoel en verstand, controle en loslaten, orde en chaos. Juliette Kalse Docent Beeldende vorming.

  • Kameeri

    uit Leiden

    Ik hou van kleur en beweging. Ben gefascineerd door lijnen en patronen in de natuur. Hoe dat samen komt, is elke keer anders. Ik hou van kleur en beweging. Ben gefascineerd door lijnen en...

  • Kamphuis, Ivo

    uit Enschede

    Born in 1967 in Enschede. Training in Painting & Drawing at the AKI in Enschede from 1988 to 1993. Main source of inspiration: Nature and the animals that live here.

  • Kamp, Paulus Walterus Donald Petrus

    uit Amsterdam

    I have been active as a visual artist for 58 years, of which 43 years as an aquarellist and from 2003 onwards with oil paint. In oil paint almost always work plan-based. If I work in watercolor, I...

  • Kampschuur, Herma

    uit Alphen aan den Rijn

    The beauty that I see in the normal and not so normal things as in nature, people emotions and intentions inspire me to translate them on canvas. That's my drive and passion in life. My work says...

  • Atelier Panta Rei

    uit Oldebroek

    Galerie Panta Rei is a boutique Galerie which is specialized in ceramic and bronze sculpture. The colorful creations are inspired by culture, nature and fantasie.

  • Kanters, Erica

    uit Wagenberg

    Several years I'm dedicated to Encaustic Art, paintings made with using coloured bees wax, iron, hot plate, blowdryer and styler. All my work is done intuitive. The most stunning pictures appear...

  • Kanters, Ricky

    uit Dordrecht

    My name is Ricky Kanters and I have been fascinated by working with glass and ceramics for years. I love to combine these two materials and keep searching for their limitations. I live in...

  • Karchevskaya, Tatiana

    uit Dordrecht

    I paint and draw because I simply can not leave the canvas alone. The way I learn to draw and paint is through painting itself, on the go. I find learning and researching the ways of art a very...

  • Karla Zercicov

    uit Bucuresti

    And you have the deserved friends, the wind and the sun...

  • Karreman, Nella

    uit 't Harde

    I am an artist and I like to make sheep and models. I work with clay and with bronze and with wool.

  • Kasparek, Pavel

    uit Znojmo

    Welcome to a gallery of a realist painter Pavel Kasparek