• Raaij, Marilyn van

    uit Zwolle

    My name is Marilyn van Raaij and I'm from Zwolle, Holland. I make modern colourfull art. This is on canvas with acrylic. I got a technique what will gives een depth effect. I hope you have as much...

  • Radius, Marina

    uit Rotterdam m_radius@zonnet.nl

    Marina Radius makes oilpaintings and sculptures in bronze and stone. The style is figurative; subjects are animals, people, landscapes and still live. Except free work she accepts commissions for...

  • Raemansky

    uit Eede (zld)

    Raemansky gets her inspiration from the concept of freedom. Her art is colorful and rebellious. Painting - Drawing - Mixed media - Installation art - Video-art - Digital Arts & Prints

  • Ragas, Huub

    uit Tilburg


  • Rakers, Ria

    uit Groningen

    Out of love for all, flowing of energy, free, joyfull and rich in colours. I was born 1955 in Groningen, the Netherlands. I live a part of the year in the Netherlands and the other part in Spain....

  • Ramakers, Reina

    uit Krommenie

    A female world born out of stone. My sculptures carry "the eternal feminine". They represent my communicating with the stone, interacting with the lines and structures, that have...

  • Ramar- Mischitz, Elfi

    uit Studio 62 Zeist

    You will see I work in different fashions because I am interested in all kinds. Now impressionistic and then expressionist. Figurative or abstract .... there is so much fun and interesting stuff...

  • Ramler, Dick

    uit Rosmalen

    I got my first painting-lessonds from my Father ( A master painter with his own company) Further developments took place years later after joining the art centre ' de Muzerije', where I worked...

  • Rani, Neeta

    uit Moscow

    NEETA RANI MOSCOW hello welcome to my art work . i am an indian artisit . i am educated in dayalbagh educational institute (deemed univercity) at agra . i made painting some of personal thought...

  • Ransdorp, Marlies

    uit Maarssen

    To express myself is an important part of my life. Through painting Ishow my emotions and ideas.I contemplate what being a woman means to me and explore themes whichtouch me and daily occupy...

  • Rashid, Ali

    uit Leidschendam

    Some years ago I visited a small island near the coast of Syria and there I saw walls that were, so to speak, talking to me. Children had painted their own hands as signs of protection on the...

  • Ras-Kurus, Grazyna

    uit Rotterdam

    Hi. my name is Grazyna. I'm an autodidactic painter. I paint mostly portraits and female figures.

  • Rats, Pieter

    uit Tilburg

    Pieter Rats (17-07-1975) graduated in 1998 at the Acadamy of Arts in Tilburg and is a competent teacher in drawing and painting. He makes realistic and figurative paintings with a surreal touch....

  • Ravenhorst, Henk

    uit Kortenhoef

    Emotions and perception of musicians, their passion at gigs and the love for their instruments. I am looking for it. As a photographer I am self-taught and I have my style found in the small...

  • RCK

    uit Rotterdam

  • Redzji

    uit Hollandscheveld

    Redzji paints realistic paintings with oil paint or soft pastels. He also makes lithographs and engravures. Sculpters of animals in stone is another way to express his love for the animal world....

  • Reeuwijk, Antoinette

    uit Vlijmen

    A selection from my picture portfolio which I publish under the name ACE Photography.

  • Regemortel, Lotte van

    uit Morkhoven

    Art is my passion, in every way. I prefer realistic portraits to draw. A look, an emotion, an expression... to catch it on paper and make it last forever...That's what fascinates me. But I even...

  • Regoort, Meindert

    uit Zuidoostbeemster

    Maker of wooden objects and furniture, wood in all it's facets

  • Reijnders, Anthèl

    uit Bussum

    I like to tell a story in my work. Inspired by different lifestyles of humans, in culture and with humour. To express the relation this person has, on that particular moment, with the world. I...