Exto is a community where visual artists can make and manage an online gallery free of charge. Those who appreciate art can find a large diversity of artwork, artists, exhibitions and galleries on exto.

Exto meets the requirements of the internet in that it is nice and short, easy to remember, easy to pronounce in many languages and is easy to spell. It is also a Latin word (see also ex-sto) with the following meaning:

  • Stands out or forth
  • Clearly visible or extant, shows itself
  • Exists, appears, projects

Exto is a trade name of Asmen VOF (KvK 9155042, Arnhem). They work together with a crew of artists who organize activities such as the site help, selection, forum, communication and support.

Fruithoeve 9
The Netherlands
IBAN: NL23 RABO 0117 0741 79, attn. Exto vof, Arnhem