• Vaandering, Erik-jan

    uit Alkmaar

    Erik-Jan Vaandering, dutch artist

  • Váczi, András István

    uit Budapest

    About me: I am a visual artist. My name: Andras Vaczi I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. First of I make copper etchings, moreover I paint with watercolor and I make oil paintings.

  • Vaerewyck, Stephan

    uit Gent

    I live and work in Ghent (°1971). In part-time art education I followed 'drawing from a living model' (Sint-Lucas Academy, 1993 - 1996) I also studied Art history at Ghent University (2005 - 2010).

  • Vaesen, Ingred

    uit Genderen

    Ingred Vaesen born in Heusden.Ingred is self-taught. You are welcome by appointment in my studio

  • Vahero

    uit Sint-Martens-Latem

    Vahero is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Belgium and loves experimenting with different materials. Vahero explores different media such as painting, sculpture, installation,...

  • Valgard, Ulla

    uit Helsinge

    ... don't forget to smile

  • Van Acker, P. H.

    uit Utrecht

    My work is a visual record of various aspects, both formal and substantive, concerning the phenomenon of time. This record is achieved through a radical deconstruction, fragmentation or...

  • Vanassche, Els

    uit Schoten

    Welcome to the exto-site of Els Vanassche (EVA) on wich you will find some of her artworks. Enjoy.

  • Van Boom, Marc space

    uit EDEGEM

    re-search in the open labaratorium of live....the never ending story for a multi-dimensional designed brain patern.From astronomy-blackhole's-quasars and quarks.Like to try ...and touch the inner...

  • Vandenabeele, Leen

    uit Wetteren

    My name is Leen Vandenabeele (10/12/55) and I currently live in Wetteren (Belgium). I have been creating art since 1998 in the Academy of Zwevegem (Belgium) where I am taking classes in model...

  • Vandenberg, Hans

    uit 's-Hertogenbosch

    Women are my inspiration. Their appearance is a constant source for my work. The very existence of their being is what I try to catch in portraits or figures, any allegoric picture or random...

  • Vandenbor, Cynthia

    uit Rotterdam

    Cynthia Vandenbor, creator of birdwomen and other magical creatures Fantasy and surrealism

  • Vanderheyden, Hilde

    uit Ruisbroek (Bt)

    Colours are very important in my abstract paintings...

  • Van Dijk, Olga

    uit Avondale (USA)

    Olga is teaching Abstracts and Collage/paintings @ the University of Delaware (Wilmington Campus) USA She's invited on a regular base as a guest speaker, where she will use an impressive...

  • Van Essen, Lizanne

    uit Meldreth, Cambridgeshire

    I work with artist's books, collage and watercolour, and my work is intended to be 'images to delight the eye and provoke thought', reflecting the positive in life.

  • Van Eygen, Mark

    uit Hove

    Acryl paintings, pastels, drawings and sculptures in wood. Man and woman are a recurring theme in these works. Also workshops modeldrawing.

  • Van Gastel, Maggi

    uit Houtvenne

    Member Of Aquarel Institute Belgium (AIB) Education Master Painting, bachelor drawing at the art academy Lier (Belgium) member of the federation of art Koninklijke Limburgse federatie voor...

  • Van Nunen, Pam

    uit Arnhem

    Dicht bij jezelf je gevoel zijn

  • Vanorbeek, David

    uit Azille

    Creator of dialogue between art and nature, looking for (corporate) sponsorship to build a publicly accessible Sculpture Park (ZW-Fr).

  • Varkevisser, Annemieke

    uit Arnhem

    Annemieke Varkevisser (1964) Educated as visual artist at Vrije Academie 't Pad. Following education at De Foudgumse School, for realistic art. Landscape, light and space are my inspiration.