• Venema, Bert

    uit Haarlem

    Bert Venema statues from soapstone. I started with sculpture medio 1970. At first I made 1 satue a year. Made on my holyday Bow I have my own studio and i am giffing workshops and courses every...

  • Venema Hamminga, Sylvia

    uit Hardenberg

    Sylvia Venema (Hamminga) born (1966) in the province of Groningen. In my youth always doodling, mostly portraits but also fantasy drawings. In 2002 I started painting lessons in Hard- enberg....

  • Ven, Gijs van de

    uit Boxtel

    I invite you to get acquainted , Gijsbrecht painter . Born in Eindhoven- Acht [1954] place of residence , Boxtel . The Netherlands

  • Ven, Jacobijn van de

    uit Zeewolde

    Watercolor !!

  • Ven, Nadja van de

    uit Amsterdam


  • Verbeeten, Maartje

    uit Nijmegen

    My name is Maartje Verbeeten. I make art which is especially meant for children. Every painting tells its own story and every piece contains some kind of joke or abnormality. My intention is to...

  • Verboom, Theo w.

    uit Zwolle

    Theo w. Verboom (1969) is a passionate all-round qualified and certified master glazier, glass painter & glass artist and works from his glass studio Oud Ittersum in Zwolle. For almost 20...

  • Verboon, Bert

    uit Alphen a/d rijn

    Bert Verboon, geboren in 1948, is vanaf 2001 intensief bezig met beeldhouwen. Aanvankelijk was Bert een traditionele beeldhouwer. Veel sculpturen werden uit diverse steensoorten gehakt en meestal...

  • Verbrugge, Ben

    uit Den Haag


  • Vercoelen, Wilco

    uit Almelo

    Dear Art Lover, my name is Wilco Vercoelen and live in Almelo, The Netherlands. I discovered oil painting in 2013. I am autodidact, and enjoy painting every day with love and passion.

  • Verdenius, Rik

    uit Amsterdam

    I am a Dutch painter of watercolors, I paint mostly city- and landscapes, seascapes, ships

  • Verdurmen, Marie

    uit Antwerpen

    Marie Verdurmen uses her art to reveal hidden contradictions and to create new imbalances of her own making. She paints answers to questions posed by both pop culture and politics. She addresses...

  • Ver Eecke, Maï

    uit LOON OP ZAND

    My interests have always been in surfaces and how to manipulate their textures. Actually I´m mainly working with beewax, an old painting technic called Encaustic

  • Ver Eecke, Marie - Anne

    uit Brugge

    Ceramic and porcelain.

  • Vergauwen, Stijn

    uit Geraardsbergen - Goeferdinge

    I usually start from a certain concept to realise my works. This can be based upon personal experiences, feelings, social situations.... The materials I work with depends on the concept. Often I...

  • Verheij, Sophie

    uit Dordrecht

    Sophie Verheij started painting in 2006 is expressing her inner life. For Sophie is painting a necessary expression, where both dreams as experience takes shape. She does this on her own way....

  • Verheij, Wijnie

    uit Hardinxveld-Giessendam

    I paint realistisc en impressionistic paintings. For more information see the paintings on my websie. Would you like something unique, I would like to hear from you so we can discuss the...

  • Verhelst, Tania

    uit Brugge

    works and lives in Bruges.

  • Verhoeff, Nelleke

    uit Rotterdam

    people, faces, masks, dreams and feelings are my source of inspiration

  • Verhoeven, Esther

    uit Hilversum

    Esther paints throughout her heart and tries more and more to work directly from within. Esther works with acryl and pastel.