Terms and conditions exto.org

On this site the following definitions apply:
  • Exto is exto, as described above
  • Artist is one who creates a site at exto
  • Works or art works is all content made available by the artist to exto
Exto wants to be a civil resident on the internet
For this reason we use a number of rules and ask artists to do the same:
  • Exto respects copyright of others (see Auteurswet 1912of internationaal bijUniversal Copyright, the 1952 Convention)
  • Exto will not send unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam)
  • Exto will not give any personal information to third parties
To prevent abuse, the following conditions apply:
  • Exto is not responsible for artworks and information showed by the artist
  • Exto does not own the copyright on the images and text
  • Artists continue to confirm by uploading and saving they own the copyright on images and text. If they do not own the copyright, exto can decide to remove the site
  • By providing images of artworks the artistst accepts exto's right to use these images for or on the website without a financial compensation and, if necessary, to apply technical changes
  • Exto is in no way liable for damage caused by the site
  • The artist is responsible not to damage the rights of others
  • Exto reserves the right to delete content without explanation
  • Exto gives no guarantee regarding availability and performance
  • No rights can be derived by using exto
  • Exto falls under Dutch law
  • Under 'personal information' in the managementtool must always show full and correct address (incl phone number). If there are any doubts, exto will ask for proof.
For your site on exto the following rules apply:
  • You can show a copyright text on your work, only if this isn't visually disturbing
Privacy rules
  • Personal information is always specifically asked and only saved with your permission
  • Exto tries its best to register your information correct and allows you to adjust your information, if possible
  • The email address provided will be used by our 'lost password service'. With this service you can retrieve your password when this was lost. You will also receive a regular newsletter.
  • Exto reserves the right to modify this privacy statement. This page will show the latest version at any time

Abuse can be reported at abuse@exto.nl

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