• Paardekooper, Mariëtte

    uit Nederhorst den Berg

    Once you have started felting it rules your life. During many years I attended felting workshops, and thereafter I did an online felting course and also two Masters: Experiments with felt and how...

  • Paassen, Jeroen van

    uit Alkmaar


  • Paes, Linda

    uit Maastricht

    I prefer to give shape to textiles, edit, create reliefs. Matter works in which trancience, texture and structure can be seen. the organic world of forms always comes first. I exhibited in...

  • Pafort, Joss

    uit Voltaplein 31

    Art is to me the impression that it leaves behind by the viewer.

  • Page, Jane

    uit Tavira

    Having painted in most of the 'isms' - surrealism, impressionism, fauvism, etc, I have now returned to Realism and concentrate on still lifes, portraits and gardens, frequently using the...

  • Pal, Anneke van der

    uit Bondi beach

    Depicting the coffee culture in and around Australia's famous Bondi Beach in a graphic inspired style, Oil on canvas

  • Pandora, Midas

    uit Maastricht

    Come into the world of Midas Pandora.Live with his characters, climb his ladders. Observe his little angels and devils during their nocturnal adventures. Undergo the claustrobfobic reality of his...

  • Panwar, Anita

    uit Kolkata

    Anita Panwar (1968) is a contemporary Indian artist. She is a commercial Art graduate. She had won 'Best Artist' award in Inter Zonal festival. She has won many prizes in various categories such...

  • Panyella, Juan

    uit Oldenzaal

    I am Inspired by legends and tales,by mythical creatures, shamanic visions , religions of ancient times and the modern world. I work with wood. I chose wood for its connection with life. I take...

  • Pardo, Carlos

    uit Santiago de Compostela

    Spain,(born 8.28.1968). Self taught fine artist. Cityscapes, a trip through The City seen from the traveller’s subjective point of view, through his experience, memories and fancies. In his...

  • Pardoel, Freek

    uit Haarlem

    I was taught by Henk Ames and trained in Amsterdam. I have been active in 1980-85 and since 2014 to present.

  • Parisius, Lisbeth

    uit Amsterdam

    Lately I’ve been experimenting with different kind af materials with as main theme The Shelter. My favorite materiaal to work with has become cardboard

  • Parker, Carl

    uit Fredericton

    Welcome. I got into art as a kid and kept it up into adulthood. Art is a personal love of mine, and I enjoy what art can do. I feel imagination is important in everyday life and experience. I work...

  • Pasman, Margo

    uit Zeist

    My watercolourpaintings grow to a dynamic and colourfull view. Painting layer over layer I work to intensity but on the other hand I can paint spontaneously where you can see the rol of the water....

  • Patrou, Anna

    uit Gorinchem

    Born in Athens in 1966 . Studied painting at the National School of Fine Arts in Athens [1986-1992] under the professors Panagiotis Tetsis and Chronis Botsoglou . Also studied Fresco and Byzantine...

  • Pauwelsen, Ingrid

    uit Rhede

    My name is Ingrid Pauwelsen. Born in Arnhem, I now live in Germany, just outside a small village between Borken and Bocholt. I am a self-taught painter, sculpter and photographer. My style depends...

  • Pauwels, Marleen

    uit El Gastor - Cádiz

    Everyone sees what you seem; few feel what you are (N.Machiavelli)

  • Pavlova, Silvia

    uit Sofia

    I am an artist from Bulgaria. I am thirty years old. Graduated high school of arts and higher education arts theater, scenery, costumes. Have four solo exhibitions in my country as well as...

  • Peeters, Jan

    uit 's-Hertogenbosch

    Als autodidact Jan Peeters na 34 jaar in de journalistiek op straat komt te staan, grijpt hij de kans aan om een oude droom te verwezenlijken: paardenschilder worden.

  • Peeze, Inge

    uit Bilthoven

    Inge paints figuratively and with oil paint. Her work has a realistic appearance, but it often has a suggestive, alienating charge. In all her work she uses powerful color compositions.