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    uit Gorinchem

    A lots of experiens and passion ii needid to make my paintes

  • Float Rotterdam

    uit Rotterdam

    Float (born 1976) Rotterdam

  • 3Dface

    uit Amsterdam

    Paul Berloth is a Dutch artist who stands firmly in the famous Dutch graphic tradition. His black and white pen drawings show universal symbols that will be understood whatever background the...

  • Aad, Nauras

    uit Drachten

    It makes to have the with difficulty beloved. Therefore I seek to rest and recovery in my paintings. Fame is not the most important. I have level real success as I mark that my art someone hits. I...

  • Aardenburg, Cees-jan

    uit Heemskerk

    Why ? a journey to: to know, the will to show, passion, amazement, The smile of the viewer.

  • Aarsen Zahed, Edith


    Edith Aarsen Zahed was born in 1969 Amsterdam (Holland). After a study at business school and later fashion school, she went to Paris to study french. There she started creating paintings. Focused...

  • Parissa

    uit Wuppertal

    Naar mijn mening toont Surreal de kracht van de kunstenaar in tekenen, maar heeft het niet de beperkingen van Real in het uitdrukken van gedachten. Ik ontdekte dat ik met gekleurd papier sneller...

  • Abstract Schilderij, Daan Lemaire

    uit Amsterdam

    I am a painter artist since 2004; I mainly paint abstract watercolor art on paper with gouache and watercolor paint. The painting grows during the process of my working. No knowledge beforehand in...

  • Achenbach-Veira, Patricia

    uit Deventer

    Patricia Achenbach is a visual artist; discipline Painting- graphic arts. Since 1993 she runs a professional practice as a painter and illustrator. She is also working as a teacher since 2001...

  • Achtereekte-Brouwer, José

    uit Drunen

    José Achtereekte is a painter.

  • Adams, Jim

    uit St. Amant de Bonnieure

    Images that are simple, creative, pre-mortem responses to our condition.

  • Adams, Louise

    uit Hilversum

    My name is Louise Adams and I work and live in The Netherlands. My studio is based in Hilversum. I make my own art, paintings, drawings, and I'm a teacher in my artstudio.

  • Adams, Riny

    uit Maastricht

    My paintings and roomdeviders are noticed because of their colour drawign en use of materials. The graffiti-ish caracter is an important aspect of my work.

  • Adank, Henny

    uit Breda

    Breda, 1949. I realy like to draw in realistic (photographical) sphere with coloured pencils. Enjoy all of my drawings at: www.hennyadank.nl

  • Aerts, Egbert

    uit Kontich

    A stream of drawings and paintings with available material.

  • Agema, Harry

    uit Heerhugowaard

    Harry Agema: His main art is graphic art. His art is mostly connected to bodyrhythm, handlines, xy chromosomes and music. It's clearcoloured and purchased by musea, galleries and artcollectors.

  • Agen, Sumero van

    uit Bunde

    I was born in Enschede (Holland) in 1944. I started painting again a couple of years a go and use pastel and acrylic paint. I live in Bunde (Limburg, Holland)

  • Aho, Kirsi-maria

    uit Turku

    I am a Finnish artist. I paint mostly with oil colours. I paint classical paintings but also funny animal figures. More paintings you are welcome to see here: http://kirsimariaaho.nettisivu.org/...

  • Aizen, Irena

    uit Tiberias

    Irena says: 'I use images of animals to tell about people. Furthermore, certainly about relations between a man and a woman. After all, we are all a bit animals...' Pyramids, that I create, have a...

  • Akanaev, Timur

    uit Almaty

    Akanaev Timur was born in a family of artists in 1982. He graduаted in 2004 from Kazakh National University. Member of Academy of arts of Republic Kazakhstan. A participant in exhibitions since...