• uit Utrecht

    Sensuous and other nudes in oil paint

  • -

    uit Gorinchem

    A lots of experiens and passion ii needid to make my paintes

  • Aad, Nauras

    uit Drachten

    It makes to have the with difficulty beloved. Therefore I seek to rest and recovery in my paintings. Fame is not the most important. I have level real success as I mark that my art someone hits. I...

  • Aardenburg, Cees-jan

    uit Heemskerk

    Why ? a journey to: to know, the will to show, passion, amazement, The smile of the viewer.

  • Aarsen Zahed, Edith


    Edith Aarsen Zahed was born in 1969 Amsterdam (Holland). After a study at business school and later fashion school, she went to Paris to study french. There she started creating paintings. Focused...

  • Abstract Schilderij, Daan Lemaire

    uit Amsterdam

    I am a painter artist since 2004; I mainly paint abstract watercolor art on paper with gouache and watercolor paint. The painting grows during the process of my working. No knowledge beforehand in...

  • Achenbach-Veira, Patricia

    uit Deventer

    Patricia Achenbach is a visual artist; discipline Painting- graphic arts. Since 1993 she runs a professional practice as a painter and illustrator. She is also working as a teacher since 2001...

  • Achtereekte-Brouwer, José

    uit Drunen

    José Achtereekte is a painter.

  • Acquoy, Conny van

    uit Beek en Donk

    I'm a real nature lover. Mainly Scotland gives my preference with all its Flora & Fauna. That you will also see back in many of my work .... I paint realistic and make the most use of oil...

  • Adams, Jim

    uit St. Amant de Bonnieure

    Images that are simple, creative, pre-mortem responses to our condition.

  • Adams, Louise

    uit Hilversum

    My name is Louise Adams and I work and live in The Netherlands. My studio is based in Hilversum. I make my own art, paintings, drawings, and I'm a teacher in my artstudio.

  • Adams, Riny

    uit Maastricht

    My paintings and roomdeviders are noticed because of their colour drawign en use of materials. The graffiti-ish caracter is an important aspect of my work.

  • Adank, Henny

    uit Breda

    Breda, 1949. I realy like to draw in realistic (photographical) sphere with coloured pencils. Enjoy all of my drawings at: www.hennyadank.nl

  • Aerts, Egbert

    uit Kontich

    A stream of drawings and paintings with available material.

  • Agema, Harry

    uit Bergen N.H.

    HARRY AGEMA is a multidisciplinair artist. His main art is graphic art like: etching, woodcut, linocut, screenprint, litho and sometimes a mixture of those technics. His art is mostly connected to...

  • Agen, Sumero van

    uit Bunde

    I was born in Enschede (Holland) in 1944. I started painting again a couple of years a go and use pastel and acrylic paint. I live in Bunde (Limburg, Holland)

  • Aho, Kirsi-maria

    uit Turku

    I am a Finnish artist. I paint mostly with oil colours. I paint classical paintings but also funny animal figures. More paintings you are welcome to see here: http://kirsimariaaho.nettisivu.org/...

  • Aizen, Irena

    uit Tiberias

    Irena says: 'I use images of animals to tell about people. Furthermore, certainly about relations between a man and a woman. After all, we are all a bit animals...' Pyramids, that I create, have a...

  • Akanaev, Timur

    uit Almaty

    Akanaev Timur was born in a family of artists in 1982. He graduаted in 2004 from Kazakh National University. Member of Academy of arts of Republic Kazakhstan. A participant in exhibitions since...

  • Akkers, Corné

    uit Den Haag

    My work has been characterized als magical realism. I rather call it 'alternative realism': compositions in extraordinary colours, on the edge of realism.