• Igor Status

    uit Overdinkel

    I am self-taught. Painting and wood burning were my greatest hobbies of my childhood. Since then my passion for art and creativity has grown very strongly. I keep working to create my own unique...

  • IJtsma, Ragonda

    uit Ede

    Bronze sculptures by visual artist Ragonda IJtsma. Subject people, tall and slender woman, also corporate sculptures such as awards or business gifts.

  • Ilsbroukx, Ann

    uit Arendonk

    Painting the road ahead... both animal and human encounters and company are my inspiration for these abstract paintings. I've had this 'urge' to paint for quite a long time. Many a time I almost...

  • Impallari, Grégory

    uit Wasmes

    I was introduced to art by my grandfather. He was a great ceramist who worked with Roger Somville. In my childhood, I saw his work and he told me about Picasso, Dali and many others. Today,...

  • Indewey Gerlings, Jeannine

    uit Emmen

    Since 1991 I make images of people, animals and objects of ceramics. Experience and self-study have brought me to where I am now. Modeling is my passion. I hope to inspire people because an artist...

  • Ingelse, Anneke

    uit Gouda

    Anneke Ingelse (1950). I paint with oil and acrylic paints, I also make collages and aquarelle painting. In my mostly abstract work music and nature are important sources of inspiration. I...

  • Ingen, Gery van

    uit Amsterdam

    Two and sometimes three dimensional working Artist. The Art a reaction to the world around me and the traces man leaves upon it.

  • Isache, Daniela

    uit Iasi

    I am an original expressionist painter from Romania; I graduated the Faculty of Philology; I took private painting lessons with painter Ion Neagoe; I am a member of the Union of Visual Artists...

  • Izaguirre, Irina

    uit Buenos Aires

    I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved painting and drawing. Also the knowledge of the Nature aroused my curiosity. That's how after highschool, I studied...