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    • Tamara van den Berg

      Tamara van den Berg's work is characterized by a photorealistic precision. You can contact her for portraits, landscapes, still lifes and...

    • Iryna Klyba

      Biography Irina Klyba was born in 1968 in Kiev, From Early childhood enjoying a draw in 1979 she joined the Shevchenko Republican Art School and...

    • Wietske Otter

      Since two years I started to make free abstract paintings with acryl paint. I take classes with visual artist Rolina van Vliet in Hoevelaken, the...

    • Marijke Bestman

      I live in Zeeland (municipality of Tholen) and painter in my small work studio at home. I paint abstract and modern works and drawing / painting...

    • Marjan Hetterschij

      Ik make ceramic handbuilding often combined with other materials

    • Walda Mees

      Walda (Zuidlaren NL 1955) works mostly figuratively. Her work originates from the need for timeless beauty 'within reach', and the recording of...

    • Anneke Zwager

      Is painting Dutch landscapes from meadows and flowering fields to edges of groves, from summer to winter.

    • Loeske Das-Mantel

      I paint for 25 years. After about 10 years of lessons in drawing and painting, I'm going to follow my own path. My inspiration comes from the...

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