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    • Erik van Grinsven

      In 2010 I started painting after a short course where I became very enthousiastic.

    • Mirell Collages

      MirEll is a merger of the name Mirjam Ellen. I was born in 1962 and has always been active in the creative field, especially drawing and painting....

    • Igor Status

      I am self-taught. Painting and wood burning were my greatest hobbies of my childhood. Since then my passion for art and creativity has grown very...

    • Francis Oudenampsen

      On this site you will see watercolors of Oudenampsen Francis (1959) from Hoofddorp, Nederland. Already from my childhood character I paint. I am a...

    • Neeltje van Veenendaal

      Paintings, drawings and photos.

    • Henriëtte van Steeg

      Henriëtte van steeg born in 1973 in Ermelo Connection, silence and minimalism are a recurring factor in my work. Quite a quiet color use, which...

    • Doreen Olario

      My work is heartfelt. The feeling is always the center of it all. Feelings color your world. They color the world you experience. No political...

    • Gerty Vos

      As a lecturer of Social Studies, but especially as a coach in her own practice, Gerty Vos has "see what you perceive" as a credo. Gerty likes to...

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