• Anita Froentjes

    uit Heerenveen

    Hello i work with pastelpencils on Claire Fontaine. Ik learnd on my one throug making paintings and challenge myself
  • Rosenthal, Vanja

    uit Leidschendam

    My name is Vanja Rosenthal and was born in 1976 at Amersfoort. At my former job as a NAVO soldier, I worked as a military photographer, where I got the passion for photographing.
  • Koopmans, Arthur

    uit Woerden

    My work is above all an ode to the Dutch landscape, the cities, the water, and the occasional foreign adventure. With the transparency of watercolor I paint those moments that the light is just right.
  • Gerven, Annet van

    uit Lisse

    To paint and does signs I gladly, most in speaking clear colours, to my paintings gives I a personal passie (environment expression). As inspiration use I, what I see or photograph `s of...
  • Kunstsmid Koen

    uit Ermelo

    Kunstsmid Koen van "VuurOnderAs", waar kunst uit staal wordt gemaakt. Ik ontwerp en smeed metalen objecten op ambachtelijk wijze. Vaak op een evenement in het bijzijn van publiek.
  • euser, cora

    uit Haren (Gn)

    I experience being able to make art as extra, and as enrichment in my life.
  • Cees-Jan van Iperen

    uit Den Haag

    A combination between fantasy and really
  • Bastiaan, Teunie

    uit Wezep

    I am Teunie Bastiaan (1963), visual artist and art teacher at the VSO, the Gentiaan College in Apeldoorn. Owner of the Kunstlokaal Wezep and trained as an art teacher at Windesheim.
  • Bunk, Stephanie

    uit Heerjansdam

    Stephanie Bunk Portrait artist Graphite drawings
  • Broeke, Henk

    uit 's-Gravenhage

    My passion is the creation of minimalistic art with the use of finds from nature and/or natural materials. Structure, relief and symmetrie is the base of my artwork
  • Janssen, Saskia

    uit Maastricht

    In my spare time I am an enthusiastic painter, learning and trying out as I go.
  • Izaguirre, Irina

    uit Buenos Aires

    I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've studied biology, but I paint since I was a girl. I'm basically selftaught, but I have attended to different art ateliers. Nature is present in most of my works.
  • Stam-Honders, Alida

    uit Lisse

    Thank you for taking a look at my page. My name is Alida Stam-Honders, autodidact, born in Haarlem (1990). In my art gallery you can find different works. I am autodidact.
  • Veen, Sonja van der

    uit Den Haag

    Hello! I'm Sonja I'm a freelance illustrator/artist and nature lover living in The Hague, the Netherlands. With my illustrations and paintings, I capture the beauty and preciousness of...
  • Qeimoy

    uit Bergeijk

    I want to make the world a little bit more beautiful! My motto is ‘creating smiles’. In my art you'll find plenty of color. Also check out the Qeimoy site and socials!
  • Lovine, Rose

    uit Alkmaar

    I am Rose, 16 years old and I live in Alkmaar. I am an artist and also make drawings. My passion is painting portraits, animals and flowers.
  • Animartis

    uit Spaarndam

    Painting is dreaming while half awake, dreams of feelings, fairy tales, art, journeys, poetry, music and beauty.
  • Deuss, Jac

    uit Antwerpen

    Abstract painter. Works on paper and canvas. Intuitive paintings with attention for composition ,balance and harmony in colors
  • Lenders, Wilmie

    uit BEEK LB

    Up-cycled wood
  • Jan Irik

    uit Zuid-Scharwoude

    Born in 198 in Amsterdam. I like to work with oil paint on canvas or panel. The subjects often have the theme of nature