• Obdeijn, Saskia

    uit Zutphen

    Saskia Obdeijn (1981) is visual artist and artteacher in Zutphen, The Netherlands. She uses acrylicpaint en collage-technique in her paintings and makes wooden houses with paintings and photoprints.

  • O' Donovan, Niall

    uit Amsterdam

    '...in deep awe of the wonder of life I feel an inherent need to make art. Experienced beauty and vulnerability leave their mark.Painting, sculpture, drawing, are the means of expression. Sand...

  • Oedekerk, Carolien

    uit Diemen

    I prefer to portray my paintings in a figurative or abstrakt manner. The topics are varied but there is always an emphasis on atmosphere, movement and warmth. An important component in this is, of...

  • Oerlemans, Joost C. J.

    uit Hilvarenbeek

    Joost C.J. Oerlemans (July 4th, 1977). Outside is inside.

  • Oever, Danielle van den

    uit Zeist

    Paintings with acrylic paint on canvas. It's not the reproduction of the reality that is the most important, but rather the expression of the atmosphere.The touches of the paint brushes and the...

  • Officer, Gregory

    uit Zwolle

    meaning through abstraction

  • Oijen, Bart van

    uit ZUTPHEN

    Zutphen-based artist Bart van Oijen creates mainly mixed media and lyrical abstract acrylic paintings on canvas; on the other hand he is making animal-drawings and photographs.

  • O'Keeffe, Olivia

    uit Houten

    Energy and movement are primary elements in my paintings. The abstract works have a very dynamic character. My landscape paintings are created outdoors.

  • Okkerman, Els

    uit Dongen

    Stone, a passion Working with stones is finding your own creativity. Every stone has its own challange and will search its own outcome. Sculpturing is finding peace in your head.

  • Okx, Eva

    uit Labastide-Murat

    Eva Okx sculptor and paiter born in Haarlem 1964. Nederlands Daughter from de famous artist painter Kees OKX

  • Oldenburg-Schriek, Anja

    uit Puttershoek

    My people is created by " chance"; in a tangle of lines, surfaces and colors I am looking for people (mostly women and children) that are interconnected and that usually are "not...

  • Olewicz, Helena

    uit Beringen

    Painting is a passion, an expressive medium to express feelings; feelings that just bob up and which I entrust to the canvas.

  • Olthoff, Marc

    uit Bleiswijk

    Marc creates single frame narratives/stories; tantalising fine-art photos that capture the viewer’s attention. The viewer's creative process to 'complete' the story is an essential part of his...

  • Olthof, Jan

    uit Grootebroek

    After my first wife died of cancer. God brought my second wife and motivator into my life. Thanks to her encouragement, I developed my own style of painting with the paletknife technique.My...

  • Ooms, Karssien

    uit Breda

    Karssien Ooms. Magical Realism. Photography, paintings, pastels and murals. Karssien Ooms. Magisch Realisme, Fotografie, Schilderijen, pastels en muurschilderingen

  • Oord, Brenda van der

    uit Sassenheim

    Brenda lives in Sassenheim The Netherlands en loves the bulb region with the Keukenhof. In her youth she lived in the artist place Bergen NH and in Copenhagen. Studied at the Rietveld Academy and...

  • Oort, Jan van

    uit Overloon

    'connecting people to their inner self'

  • Oosten, Nico van

    uit De Hoef

    Nico van Oosten (1957) lives and works as an artist in De Hoef. He gives lessons at Atelier De Kromme Mijdrecht and followed art lessons at 'Nieuwe Academie Utrecht'. Since 2002 he gives art lessons

  • Oosterman - Mostert, Marthie

    uit Krimpen a/d Lek

    When I get homesick and I suffer for a lack of colour in my life......I grab my thing and step out into the wild wild world

  • Oosterveen, Loes

    uit Cuijk

    Loes schildert en Loes plakt. Schilderen doet ze meestal met acrylverf op canvas Haar inspiratie haalt ze vaak uit de natuur. Plakken, vouwen en bouwen doet ze met papier en lijm.