• L2, Atelier

    uit Eygelshoven

    Unique objects in bronze, stone, ceramics, iron or steel for an original ArtPresent, designed en handmade in our own atelier L2. Feel free to get information about our extra-ordinary collection or...

  • Laan, Alex van der

    uit Beverwijk

    Every illustration starts with a vision... When I walk through a city I become part of it. Every city has his own character, like a breathing creature that lives night and day. I want to know this...

  • Laan, Nynke van der

    uit Utrecht

    Classical realistic stil-lifes and more narrative, symbolic landscapes and scenes.

  • Laar, Jacques van

    uit Elsloo

    Nature and landscape are the main sources of inspiration for my paintings. The close surroundings of the house, such as my garden and the forest just nearby the village, provide me with sufficient...

  • Labee, Conny

    uit Weelde

    Conny Labee is living in Belgium but from Dutch origin. She has been painting for over 15 years and followed different Art educations. Her style differs from funny fat ladies to vintage portraits...

  • Lacroix-Lintzen, Riet

    uit Berg en Terblijt

    Riet Lacroix-Lintzen is an artist who lives in the surroundings of Maastricht, the Netherlands. After obtaining a degree in graphical education and textile studies, she completed several creative...

  • Lacunes, Maroesja

    uit Amsterdam

    Actress and artist. Media: watercolour, oil paint, charcoal and graphics. Style: figurative, sometimes abstracting.

  • Lagendijk, Joke

    uit Kapellen

    Having worked for 20 years as a medical doctor I needed a new challenge. 10 years ago I took up a course in drawing & painting and a new world expanded for my eyes. From 2004 till 2009 I...

  • Lageveen, Martijn

    uit Amsterdam

    Martijns (1973) artwork is modern, abstract, refreshing and dynamic. Throughout the years he was inspired by for example Mondriaan, Bauhaus and Kupka.To look again means seeing something new and...

  • Laine, Tarja

    uit Amsterdam

    Tarja Laine graduated from Wackers Academy in Amsterdam, with Sam Drukker as supervisor of her final project. Her paintings explore the colours, patterns, forms, and rhythms of nature. By means of...

  • Lakké, Wilma

    uit Goes

    In my galIery you find my recent sculptures/photo's. I like to have a bigger sculpture of my designs in red epoxy or polyester and a smaller one of polished bronze. (But some off them can be made...

  • Lambeck, Hanneke

    uit Den Haag

    The human figure is constantly present in my work in all his simplicity. After years working on ceramic sculptures now I am busy with stone like marble, alabaster, Belgium hardstone.

  • Lambeck, Susan

    uit Breda

    Susan Lambeck (1969) makes collages on paper and canvas. She often uses old road maps, city maps, dictionaries and stamps.

  • Lam, Els

    uit Velsen-zuid

    Objects. Papier maché, ceramics, mixed media. Painting. Frame, acryl, mixed media

  • Lamounier, Maria de Fatima

    uit Amsterdam

    Maria de Fatima Lamounier, born in Brazil and studied visual art at the Escola Guignard in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Both lives and works in Amsterdam and Belo Horizonte.

  • Lange, Marc

    uit Alkmaar

    Marc Lange in short •Already during his study at the industrial school for precious metals and fine techniques in Amsterdam, Marc Lange (1972) starts an own collection jewelry from his house....

  • Langeveld, Iet

    uit Lisse

    Iet Langeveld; paintress of realistic, sometimes abstracted (live) portraits and paintings.

  • Lankveld Oude Avenhuis, Mies van

    uit Lieshout

    My name is Mies van Lankveld Oude Avenhuis, 35 years of age and living in the Netherlands. I'm married and i have three loving dogs which i take out for a walk every day. My passion for annimals...

  • Laros, Jeannette

    uit Haarlem

    Painter. Jeannette’s work, in its melancholy tranquility, reveals a very striking and vulnerable side of the sitter

  • Ledder, Peter

    uit Hilversum

    Peter Ledder, born 1975 in Bussum. In 2005 graduated from the School of the Arts Utrecht.