• V/d Made, Wim

    uit Oosterhout/NBR

    Hello;my name is Wim v/d Made & i live in a small town called Oosterhout NBR in the Netherlands.I was born in 1937.The paintings you will see...

  • Veeken, Truus

    uit Haarlem

    In recent years I paint the pupils of the school for handicaped children where I work. The ongoing handling of these physical and multi-disabled...

  • Veeneman, Christopher

    uit Paris

    Inspired by nature, my paintings are a cross between landscapes and abstract subjects. I have been experimenting with mixed techniques and...

  • Veenendaal, Neeltje van

    uit Maastricht

    Paintings, drawings and photos.

  • Veen, Frank van

    uit Sainte Marie

    Live and work in French Burgundy where my surroundings inspire my graphic work. Artcollege education in Den Bosch (Holland) 1969-1974.

  • Veen, Hans van der

    uit Groningen

    My artwork is way to create my own world. Themes: the male body, clouds, culture+landscape and ME. Recently my work is getting more abstract. A...

  • Veenhoven, Tineke

    uit Tahsis, bc

    dutch artist tineke veenhoven creates wearable works of art from recycled materials, using the brand name 'fatima blush'. she also paints and...

  • Veen, Sonja van der

    uit Den Haag

    The work of Sonja van der Veen (1979) evokes a feeling, an emotion that is experienced differently by everyone. Because of the colors and...

  • Veenstra, Fimke

    uit Zwolle

    I primarily use acrylic paint and paint mainly animals and portraits. I also work by commission. In the category 'Little ones' you can find small...

  • Veerman, Esther

    uit Vriezenveen

    Esther Veerman (1968) experienced the way in which image precedes language. Her paintings and drawings tell there own stories. Form and colour...

  • Veggel, Rob van

    uit Amsterdam

    Rob van Veggel Born on April, 28, 1954 in Venlo (the Netherlands). Lives and works in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

  • Vegter, Els

    uit Utrecht

    Art, textures, workshops, painting lessons

  • Vekemans, Dirk

    uit Kessel-lo

    Graphical R& D and off-topical paint songs by dirk vekemans, poet and authpr of the Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends

  • Veldhuis, Vincent

    uit Roosendaal

    After my busy working life in the production and thereafter as claims adjuster of sea going ships, I started painting, fulfilling a life long...

  • Velsen, Roos van

    uit Huizen

    Art is travelling the mind Roos is a passionate, self-taught artist and her canvases depict topics, reality and fantasy. Veiled symbols and...

  • Velzen, Georgette van

    uit Hoofddorp

    Writing and painting offer me the chance to express my deepest feelings and thoughts. The passage of time and how it effects everything in life,...

  • Venema, Bea

    uit Nieuw Amsterdam

    Bea Venema, born in 1967 in Erica / Emmen. Creativity, discovering, driven, visually oriented. Since 2005 captured by the 3 dimensionale work....

  • Venema, Bert

    uit Haarlem

    Bert Venema statues from soapstone. I started with sculpture medio 1970. At first I made 1 satue a year. Made on my holyday Bow I have my own...

  • Venema Hamminga, Sylvia

    uit Hardenberg

    Sylvia Venema (Hamminga) born (1966) in the province of Groningen. In my youth always doodling, mostly portraits but also fantasy drawings. In...

  • Ven, Gijs van de

    uit Boxtel

    I invite you to get acquainted , Gijsbrecht painter . Born in Eindhoven- Acht [1954] place of residence , Boxtel . The Netherlands