• Verhoeven, Jacqueline

    uit Sleeuwijk

    Jacqueline Verhoeven (1981) photography & artwork

  • Verhoeven, Mike

    uit Son en Breugel

    My name is mike Verhoeven, Born in 1974 Son & Breugel in the Netherlands. I started painting when I was 13 years of age. I do Acryl paintings and oil paintings as well. Almost everything...

  • Verkade, Nathalie

    uit Waddinxveen

    Fineart. I'm an oilpainter and love to paint animals.

  • Vermeer, Martinus johannes

    uit Almere

    Martin Vermeer. Born on 1959. After my technical graphic study I worked for several companies as lay-out drawer and designer. During my work I started during several years in the beginning of the...

  • Vermeulen, Hetty

    uit Mijdrecht

    In my (few) spare time I like to try all kinds of art forms and techniques. In addition, I follow lessons at the local painters_ and sculpture classes.

  • Vermeulen, Hugo

    uit Breda

    Making art gives me big satisfaction. Art has to be original and surprising. I make sculptures and wall-objects made of synthetic material, glass and metal.

  • Vermeulen, Jolande

    uit Dordrecht

    Jolande Vermeulen, born in Rotterdam, living in Dordrecht, makes paintings, using differend techniques, showing cityscapes, mostly industrial. Shows emptyness and solitude.

  • Vermeulen - Kossen, Marieke

    uit Eindhoven

    Marieke Vermeulen -Kossen, born in Den Haag in 1957. my specialty is drawing portraits with charcoal and crayons, I prefer to use the entire body of the person to strengthen the drawing.

  • Vermeulen, Peter

    uit Zeist

    Painting and sculpture become sculptural painting and picturesque sculpture: IMAGERY I play with Chaos and Structure and there synthesis. Peter Vermeulen

  • Vermeulen, Susan

    uit Hilversum

    My name is Susan Vermeulen. I live and work in Hilversum, but originally I'm from Brabant. I paint big women who live their life pure and completely shameless

  • Vermij, Lucie Th.

    uit Utrecht

    Lucie Theodora (1957) lives and works in Utrecht (Netherlands). Autodidact. She works with aquarelpaint and fineliner. Her theme are: flowers, vegetables, landscapes, angels, singers, icons,...

  • Vermolen, Cock

    uit Tilburg

    This is the artist website of Cornelis Vermolen. I draw and paint portrait and the human figure according to the traditional art of classic drawing.

  • Verrijp, Wim

    uit Veldhoven

    My name is Wim Verrijp, proffessional photographer since 1980. I have worked in several photographic jobs, like advertising, forensics and hospital. Besides that, i am busy with photographic...

  • Verschoor, Lidia

    uit Zwanenburg

    1946 Amsterdam . In my work l want to live In my work l want to dream In mie work, l am myself

  • Verschueren, Jan

    uit Lint

    "Scrap without scruple"

  • Verse Kunst, Marieke

    uit Albergen

    Verse Kunst staat voor hippe schilderijen, snelheid en kwaliteit. Marieke maakt vrij werk dat wordt getoont bij 8 galeries in Nederland, maakt schilderijen naar wens, en komt op locatie live...

  • Verspeelt, Dieter

    uit Wondelgem

    Dieter Verspeelt was born the in 1980 in Eeklo (Belgium). Since childhood, the artist has been interested for art, which mainly showed in drawings. Whereas most of the children his age, made...

  • Verstappen, Hai

    uit Bemmel

    Watercolour painting is a game with water, pigment, paper and my brush. As long as you only look, it is easy. Until you do it yourself .... I love landscapes / landscape features, not figurative...

  • Verstijnen, Ad

    uit Boxtel

    A man and his passion deeply connected. Artist Ad Verstijnen from Boxtel his craft is difficult to describe in words. He is a man who operates from an inner urge. An urge to create something. A...

  • Vervaet, Marnix

    uit Heist op den berg

    I went to an art school for 7 years from 1994 on. Before I was already creative by working in 'graphic advertising'. I was a co-starter to establish the well knowed 'Toy Museum in Mechelen ' in...