• Kovacs, Istvan

    uit Uithoorn

    Istvan Kovacs , born 1974 in Trier / Germany, was raised in Maastricht and studied Architectural Design at the Academy of Modern Arts in Maastricht. Wake-up call: he won an Award for designing an...

  • Kraan, Margriet

    uit Breda

    As a professional jeweler and artist of many years I like working with precious stones and metals as gold and silver. I design one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, all handcrafted with...

  • Krautzig, Kathrin

    uit Surrey

    I was born in Essen, Germany. I moved to London, England when I was 9 years old and completed my BA Honous degree in Art History and European Literature from the University of East Anglia. After...

  • Krieg, Francien

    uit Puiflijk

    Althought we seem to be free to show ourselves to the world however we want, we do seem to be prisoners of the modern idealistic image of beauty.Because of modern techniques we can ly about our...

  • theflairmonster

    uit Gieten

    go and grab your things and come on an adventure trough my fantasy world, meet some of our lovely friends or venture off into my online worlds... I'll meet you there

  • Kroes, Monique

    uit Susteren

    I am Monique Kroes-van den Broek and i paint in many different disciplines en styles. Portraits, abstracts en more diversive paintings. Commissionwork is also possible.

  • Kroeze, Jantine

    uit Amsterdam

    'During my designing process I am inspired intuitively. Through improvisation I work towards a final creation.' The modern objects which designer Jantine Kroeze creates in her studio reflect the...

  • Kroezen, Corine

    uit Waalwijk

    Welcome on my exto site. Please, take a tour and explore my paintings. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send an email to; corinekroezen@icloud.com

  • Krol, Brigit

    uit Breugel

    Painting is like a tour of discovery, like a journey through nature or various countries. This inspires Brigit to create atmospheric, modest images, mostly done in oilpaint or acrylic paint. She...

  • Kromm, Bria

    uit Amsterdam

    Bria Kromm - contemporary painter - portraits and landscapes

  • Krommenhoek, Bas

    uit Amsterdam

    Bas Krommenhoek (Amsterdam, 1966) is working since 1998 as an artist. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy until 2001. He lives and works in Amsterdam. He makes paintings in order.

  • Kronenburg, Joke

    uit Vlissingen

    The art of Joke Kronenburg is characteristic for Abstract Expressionism. The artist is facinated by colour and structure. Take a look and enjoy the tour!

  • Krowinkel, Ada

    uit Breda

    Eager to paint and to create. The startingpoint is to visualise thoughts and ideas, but also a colour or text can lead to a painting. My work invites to associations with one's own experiences in...

  • Kruijer, Jouke

    uit Amsterdam

    In his romantic nudes, Jouke Kruijer transforms the female body into a lyrical expression of colour and line. His paintings are mystical, sometimes magical and strike a balance between figurative...

  • Kruiswijk, Gert

    uit Wilnis

    People, landscapes and animals are the subjects for my paintings. To discover my possibilities I use not only paint-brushes but also palette-knifes. My inspiration is mainly based on...

  • Kruiswijk, Monique

    uit Almelo

    After two and a half years at the art academy of Arnhem, I am now attending the Masterclass at the 'Almelose Academie' since 2005. From 2005 to 2013 I mostly worked with acryl on canvas. The...

  • Krunic, Slavko

    uit Belgrade

    Born on 10th of March, 1974 in Belgrade. Graduated at Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts in class of Professor Academician Radomir Reljić in 1998. MA at same faculty in class of Professor Andjelka...

  • Kruyssen, Erik-jan

    uit Amsterdam

    I am Erik-jan Kruyssen.I live in Amsterdam all my life I have always been painting and drawing.You may see in my works whatever you want.....

  • Kuckartz, Angela

    uit Delft

    As an artist I work entirely from my own experience. The nature is a great source of inspiration for my linocuts, paintings, drawings, ceramics and books.

  • Kuenen, Wim

    uit Edam

    I make large, magic realistic paintings with unconventional composition and subject matter