• Kuyvenhoven, Gerrit

    uit Almere

    Photography is more intensive viewing

  • Klaver , Jaap

    uit KOOG aan de ZAAN

    In 2017 ben ik gestopt met mijn bedrijf. Vanaf dat moment schilder ik bij de Krommenieër Schilderskring KsK'80. Ik heb les van twee bekende Zaanse kunstenaars, Ludo Winkelman en Ed Oosterhoorn

  • Kameeri

    uit Leiden

    Ik hou van kleur en beweging. Ben gefascineerd door lijnen en patronen in de natuur. Hoe dat samen komt, is elke keer anders. Ik hou van kleur en beweging. Ben gefascineerd door lijnen en...

  • Klein Hesselink, Annemieke

    uit Aalten

    Annemieke Klein Hesselink is fascinated by symmetrical and repetitive patterns. And she thinks paper is a nice material to work with. Hence the origami tessellations.

  • Koopman, Guido

    uit Tilburg

    Born in 1952 in Ludlow, Wales, UK. Lived until 1960 in Paraguay. Then moved to the Netherlands and settled through Groningen, Osdorp and Nijmegen in 1980 in Tilburg. Furniture maker and designer,...

  • Kops, Jolanda

    uit Eindhoven

    Portrait painter and artist Jolanda Kops in Eindhoven paints well-known persons. Often famous for their music. She also takes assignments for portrait painting. You can contact her at...

  • Kockelkoren, Miechel

    uit Mechelen

    Miko (Miechel Kockelkoren) is a digital art artist, born (1953) and raised in Mechelen, South Limburg (the Netherlands). In the eighties I made artworks with acrylic and East Indian ink. After...

  • Koopman, Leo

    uit Wageningen

    I was born in 1949 and only later in life,  I started painting in 2007. Before then I was busy reading books, collecting art and taking courses at the Centre for Visual Arts the Window in...

  • Koch, Ariane

    uit Tiel

    My name is Ariane Koch. I live and work in Tiel.

  • Kenens, Paul

    uit B-Wilrijk

    Paul Kenens hanteert een klassieke schilderkunstige benadering die is geïnspireerd op schilderijen van oude meester, maar zijn onderwerpen zijn hedendaags. Zijn interesse gaat uit naar...

  • Kok, Bart

    uit Amsterdam

    I have a strong drive and painting is how I prefer to express myself creatively. When I paint I am fully focused on my work and on the image I want to create. My work is very diverse and...

  • Kukhaleishvili, Nikoloz

    uit Rijen

    My name is Nikoloz, born in 1984 in Georgia. I am a passionate painter, portraitist and bas relief sculptor. I've studied in Russia in a state academy of art and took several master classes from...

  • Kamp, Paulus Walterus Donald Petrus

    uit Amsterdam

    I have been active as a visual artist for 58 years, of which 43 years as an aquarellist and from 2003 onwards with oil paint. In oil paint almost always work plan-based. If I work in watercolor, I...

  • Kouwenhoven, Aad

    uit Nieuwveen

    Aad Kouwenhoven (1955) Nieuwveen The Netherlands Watercolorist.

  • Kruiswijk, Monique

    uit Almelo

    After two and a half years at the art academy of Arnhem, I am now attending the Masterclass at the 'Almelose Academie' since 2005. From 2005 to 2013 I mostly worked with acryl on canvas. The...

  • Kobus, Edward Michiel

    uit Leeuwarden

    Drawing artist and illustrator.

  • Karchevskaya, Tatiana

    uit Dordrecht

    I paint and draw because I simply can not leave the canvas alone. The way I learn to draw and paint is through painting itself, on the go. I find learning and researching the ways of art a very...

  • Koster, Anneke

    uit Ter Aar

    ... Lost in time. That's what my art is about. Lost in time; Lose myself. Dare to lose. Then scratch again. To, To watch and ... to see again.

  • Kruiswijk, Gert

    uit Wilnis

    People, landscapes and animals are the subjects for my paintings. To discover my possibilities I use not only paint-brushes but also palette-knifes. My inspiration is mainly based on...

  • Könyves, Erzsi

    uit Eindhoven

    The essence for me is: pure colours, light, a longing for beauty and especially FREEDOM in depicting the emotions that stir my soul. Capturing and making permanent everything that moves me...