• Klein Hesselink, Annemieke

    uit Aalten

    Annemieke Klein Hesselink is fascinated by symmetrical and repetitive patterns. And she thinks paper is a nice material to work with. Hence the...

  • Koopman, Guido

    uit Tilburg

    Born in 1952 in Ludlow, Wales, UK. Lived until 1960 in Paraguay. Then moved to the Netherlands and settled through Groningen, Osdorp and Nijmegen...

  • Kops, Jolanda

    uit Eindhoven

    Portrait painter and artist Jolanda Kops in Eindhoven paints well-known persons. Often famous for their music. She also takes assignments for...

  • Kockelkoren, Miechel

    uit Mechelen

    Miko (Miechel Kockelkoren) is a digital art artist, born (1953) and raised in Mechelen, South Limburg (the Netherlands). In the eighties I made...

  • Koopman, Leo

    uit Wageningen

    I was born in 1949 and only later in life,  I started painting in 2007. Before then I was busy reading books, collecting art and taking courses...

  • Koch, Ariane

    uit Tiel

    My name is Ariane Koch. I live and work in Tiel.

  • Kenens, Paul

    uit B-Wilrijk

    Paul Kenens hanteert een klassieke schilderkunstige benadering die is geïnspireerd op schilderijen van oude meester, maar zijn onderwerpen zijn...

  • Kok, Bart

    uit Amsterdam

    I have a strong drive and painting is how I prefer to express myself creatively. When I paint I am fully focused on my work and on the image I...

  • Kukhaleishvili, Nikoloz

    uit Rijen

    My name is Nikoloz, born in 1984 in Georgia. I am a passionate painter, portraitist and bas relief sculptor. I've studied in Russia in a state...

  • Kamp, Paulus Walterus Donald Petrus

    uit Amsterdam

    I have been active as a visual artist for 58 years, of which 43 years as an aquarellist and from 2003 onwards with oil paint. In oil paint almost...

  • Kouwenhoven, Aad

    uit Nieuwveen

    Aad Kouwenhoven (1955) Nieuwveen The Netherlands Watercolorist.

  • Kruiswijk, Monique

    uit Almelo

    After two and a half years at the art academy of Arnhem, I am now attending the Masterclass at the 'Almelose Academie' since 2005. From 2005 to...

  • Kobus, Edward Michiel

    uit Leeuwarden

    Drawing artist and illustrator.

  • Karchevskaya, Tatiana

    uit Dordrecht

    I paint and draw because I simply can not leave the canvas alone. The way I learn to draw and paint is through painting itself, on the go. I find...

  • Koster, Anneke

    uit Ter Aar

    ... Lost in time. That's what my art is about. Lost in time; Lose myself. Dare to lose. Then scratch again. To, To watch and ... to see again.

  • Kruiswijk, Gert

    uit Wilnis

    People, landscapes and animals are the subjects for my paintings. To discover my possibilities I use not only paint-brushes but also...

  • Könyves, Erzsi

    uit Eindhoven

    The essence for me is: pure colours, light, a longing for beauty and especially FREEDOM in depicting the emotions that stir my soul. Capturing and...

  • Kuiken, Maria

    uit Oene

    Maria Kuiken, abstract paintings. Maria investigates poetic strokes and lines. She paints with strong contrasts and clear colours.

  • Kuipers, Jutta

    uit Leiden

    Jutta Kuipers developed her very own style creating portraits and free work

  • Kuppens, Arno

    uit Tilburg

    Arno Kuppens (signature NOL) was born in 1978. He grew up, learning the love for sculpting from his father sculptor Jos Kuppens. In 2003 he...