• Bastiaan, Teunie

    uit Wezep

    I am Teunie Bastiaan (1963), visual artist and art teacher at the VSO, the Gentiaan College in Apeldoorn. Owner of the Kunstlokaal Wezep and trained as an art teacher at Windesheim.

  • Bunk, Stephanie

    uit Heerjansdam

    Stephanie Bunk Portrait artist Graphite drawings

  • Broeke, Henk

    uit 's-Gravenhage

    My passion is the creation of minimalistic art with the use of finds from nature and/or natural materials. Structure, relief and symmetrie is the base of my artwork

  • Boer, Marianne de

    uit Zeist

    Marianne woont en werkt in Zeist. Haar schilderijen zijn fris, levendig en kleurrijk. Zij werkt met acryl en olieverf en schildert vanuit abstractie naar een realistisch gegeven.

  • Bouwkamp, Wiebrand

    uit Molenend

    Recurring themes in my paintings are: Flying bumblebees and butterflies, lust for life, melancholy and desire. Some works are very serene while other paintings appear more dynamic. The overall...

  • Bos, Leo

    uit WEERSELO

    My name is Leo Bos (1955) and I live in Weerselo. I was educated as an artist at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede. Themes for paintings are mainly abstract city- and landscapes.

  • Boslak, Hugo

    uit Jacob de Roorestraat 89 2650 Edegem

    I am a selfmade artist. I was born in 1960 and today I live in Edegem near Antwerp (Belgium). As a child I liked to draw, four years ago I started to paint with oils.

  • Bangert, Annelou

    uit Heemstede

    My free work is about mind and body. It has to evoke emotion, whether positive or negative. I steer away from pleasing pictures. I pose questions, taking the onlooker seriously

  • Brouwenstijn, Nathalie

    uit Hillegom

    I paint realistically. I am inspired by nature and I try to capture fun and movement in my paintings.

  • Boeckel, Marjon van

    uit DEn Haag

    I paint with oil paint and very realistic. The image should be clear and direct, but also soft. Soft in the transitions. I try to avoid lines. The subject should jump off the canvas.

  • Buytendijk, Chantal

    uit Vorden

    For several years I have been painting from my heart, sometimes very special elements arise intuitively in my work. It is up to me to give attention to what appears and to connect the whole.

  • Bonnema, Vera

    uit Alphen Aan Den Rijn

    My name is Vera Bonnema and my work mainly consists of watercolors of various objects, like animals, flowers and toys.

  • Atelier 21

    uit Zierikzee

    Frans Blanker (Rotterdam, 1973) - multidisciplinair artist @ATL21, Zierikzee, The Netherlands • photo- en videographer • AV/audiovisual • cyanotype/photogram

  • Bekker, Corinne

    uit Utrecht

    Hi, my name is Corinne Bekker. I love to draw and paint. Portraits are my favorite subject. You'll also find some monoprints and other works here. Enjoy!

  • Bleize, Eric

    uit Maastricht

    Opleidingen: Twee jaren cursus Digitaal fotograferen bij CVO13 te Lanaken, Belgie. Afgestudeerd in 2016. Vijf jaren kunstacademie te Maasmechelen, Belgie. Ik studeerde in 2021 af.

  • Brons - Winter, Marianne

    uit Lisse

    Oilpaintings of Marianne Brons-Winter. Realistic paintings of Dutch landscapes.

  • Yetiart

    uit Middelburg

    There is beauty in transience, but not in the perishing of beauty. This is the motto of my art. A part of my materials comes from nature, an other part comes from flea markets. I am often...

  • Beckmann de Visser, Heddy

    uit Zaventem

    Hallo, ik ben Heddy en woon in België. ik heb 10 jaar kunstonderwijs gedaan en meer dan 15 jaar aquarel. Mensen, natuur, architectuur inspireren mij. Ik hou van onderwerpen die mensen blij...

  • Bollen, Hanneke

    uit Tilburg

    To create an interesting composition I use photography, copying and used materials. I consider it an extension of my palette.

  • Breemer, Peter van den

    uit Zeist

    Schilderijen over de ondraaglijke aardsheid van de Natuurwetenschap. Paintings of the unbearable earthlyness of Natural Science.