• Kocic, Ivan

    uit Belgrade

    figurative artist with interest in modern, contemporary art.

  • Miko-art

    uit Mechelen

    My abstract digital paintings are the result of a combination of manual sketches, photographic and digital techniques.

  • Kock, Paul R.

    uit Coevorden

    Black and white or one color, I like to work with that. And everything from my photographic experience.

  • Koelemeijer, Jp

    uit Wormer

    born 1954, living in the Zaan area, North Holland, autodidactic, makes watercolours, acrylics, etchings, charcoal- and inkdrawings. works from own photographs, nature and surrounding landscape

  • Koenders, Caroline

    uit Nijmegen

    Caroline Koenders, (Nijmegen, 1961) gratuated from Arnhem Art School in 1986. Specialised in graphic art. Member of the international mezzotint society, working as a printmaker and teacher in...

  • Koene - Keller, Simone

    uit Buttisholz

    The beauty of nature catched on a colorful canvas.

  • Koeneman, Mia

    uit Eindhoven

    born 24 june 1946 1979 gradueted on Academie Industrial Design Eindhoven, free art specialications drawing and painting with watercolour and oilpanting from 1980 watercolour teacher from 1985...

  • Koenen, Hans

    uit Heeswijk-Dinther

    Statues in bronze or stone, or combined, mainly imaginair realistic or figurative. Small or large memorials that recall memories or intimacy, or just sculptures to decorate living or working spaces.

  • Koenen, Sebastiaan

    uit Hoorn

    A search for balance between form and content defines the work of Sebastiaan Koenen.

  • Koersveld, Sophia van

    uit Den Haag

    Sophia Koersveld makes acrylic paintings, pastels and watercolors. The paintings are semi-figurative. She loves to paint freely. A wide variety of subjects makes it both animals, people,...

  • Kohler, Inez

    uit Voorhout

    Born in Amsterdam Inez Köhler is living and working at Voorhout since 1991. Her edging and paintings are recognized by her caractaristic use of colours.

  • Kok, Bart

    uit Amsterdam

    I have a strong drive and painting is how I prefer to express myself creatively. My work is very diverse and colourful. I mainly paint people, because they interest me immensely.

  • Kok, Dagmar de

    uit Amsterdam Zuid Oost

    This is information about Dagmar de Kok. She is graduated in 1998 in Tilburg. At this moment she lives and works in Amsterdam.

  • Kokkelkoren, Joke

    uit Haarlem

    I make my work from observation. People, animals and our environment. I paint in oil, watercolour and pastel.

  • Kok, Mariska de

    uit Katwijk aan Zee

    I love to paint people – try to capture the story without words.

  • Kok, Nico

    uit Heemskerk

    Specialization: black granite, rubbings, burst works, shard works, square works, conceptuel works. Attribute: works on surprising and unusual way with various materials.

  • Kolkman van der Klip, Mir Mirthe

    uit Zelhem

    Artist Mir. Anno 2005. I paint from passion, feeling and emotion. Style: expression, figurative, abstract, colorful. Inspiration: nature, everyday life, animals, and my fantasy world.

  • Königs, Joep

    uit Eindhoven

    Königs (1958) is a master in the transparant art technique and he's working for more than over 25 years from his studio in Eindhoven, Netherlands. From 1976 till 1980 he followed an art education...

  • Koning, Anita de

    uit Hoofddorp

    Anita de Koning. Paintings of landscapes, people and abstract paintings. In oil paints and acrylic. Sculptures in clay, glazed/or painted and glass.

  • Koning, Arie

    uit Alkmaar

    Colorful tall paintings with bright colours brighten up your day! Abstract flowers all colours red, orange, yellow, bright happy colors blue, green.