• Koning, Ben

    uit Bussum

    Ben Koning (1940) started his career as sculpter in 1990 abstract and figurative aswell using many materials as wood, stone, clay and metal.

  • Könyves, Erzsi

    uit Eindhoven

    The essence for me is: pure colours, light, a longing for beauty and especially FREEDOM in depicting the emotions that stir my soul. Capturing and making permanent everything that moves me...

  • Kooi, Henny van der

    uit Amersfoort

    Henny S. van der Kooi (1950) lives and works in Amersfoort, Then Netherlands. Paints since 2005. Makes abstracted landscapes. Walking travels in other cultures and different nature are her...

  • Kooij, Ronald van der

    uit Naaldwijk

    My name is Ronald van der Kooij I was born in 1973 in Schipluiden and during my technical training also developed my artistic side. I started with pencil, then I switch to pastel chalk. currently...

  • Koolstra, Rita

    uit Tegelen

    Rita Koolstra, sinds geslaagde (cum laude) aan de kunstacademie aan het experimenteren met zowel kunst maken op de iPad als op papier en grote doeken. Stijl: voornamelijk geabstraheerd werk.

  • Koopman, Guido

    uit Tilburg

    Born in 1952 in Ludlow, Wales, UK. Lived until 1960 in Paraguay. Then moved to the Netherlands and settled through Groningen, Osdorp and Nijmegen in 1980 in Tilburg. Furniture maker and designer,...

  • Koopman, Leo

    uit Wageningen

    I was born in 1949 and only later in life,  I started painting in 2007. Before then I was busy reading books, collecting art and taking courses at the Centre for Visual Arts the Window in...

  • Koopmans, Arthur

    uit Woerden

    My work is above all an ode to the Dutch landscape, the cities, the water, and the occasional foreign adventure. With the transparency of watercolor I paint those moments that the light is just right.

  • Koot-Broers, Kea

    uit Vilhonneur, Moulins-sur-Tardoire

    Kea Koot-Broers, visual artist. Paintings, stafues of stone and wood

  • Koot, Thea

    uit Eindhoven

    Started in 1988 as a water colourist I have been attracted by etching since 1996. The three fases you have to go through before ending up with a nice print (design, working it out on a zinc plate,...

  • Koppel, Cora

    uit Hilversum

    I like to work with acrylic paint and mixed media

  • Koppenol, Martie

    uit Barendrecht

    Het tekenen en schilderen is een grote hobby van mij. Ik ben begonnen met grafiet- en kleurpotlood, ook heb ik met olieverf gewerkt. Nu schilder ik meer met aquarel en acryl. Ik werk naar...

  • Kops, Jolanda

    uit Eindhoven

    Portrait painter and artist Jolanda Kops in Eindhoven paints well-known persons. You can visit her website at www.jolandakops.nl

  • Korsmit, Jan

    uit Sprang Capelle

    My life centres around three main area's of attention: teaching, research and arts, especially painting. Since my retirement the focus shifted towards painting. I like to work in an...

  • Korte, Jacobien de

    uit Den Haag

    independent photographer

  • Korteweg, Chris

    uit Wageningen

    Abstract photography by Chris Korteweg. Art is everywhere, but it is an art to find it. Sidder.

  • Koster, Anneke

    uit Ter Aar

    Legacy, tribute and indebtedness are subjects that recur a lot in my paintings. These these are themes that motivate me to make this work.

  • Koster, Jan-carel

    uit Nijkerkerveen

    Maker of Multi-dimensional works. Multi-dimensional work is for sculptor Jan-Carel Koster work, that consists out of three dimensions with fourth dimension Time (space-time) In this fourth...

  • Kouwenhoven, Aad

    uit Nieuwveen

    Aad Kouwenhoven (1955) Nieuwveen The Netherlands Watercolorist.

  • Kouwenhoven, Loes

    uit Delft

    English Loes Kouwenhoven is born in 1947 in the beautiful old city Delft in the Netherlands. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague and is art-teacher for many years. She is...