• King, Levi

    uit Alkmaar

    International artist , using the world as his canvas and workshop

  • Kislev, Dganit

    uit Tilburg

    Dganit Kislev was born in Israel and raised in a small Kibbutz in the south of Israel. Dganit has been studying on the Academy of Art in Belgium and on the Art Academy St. Joost of Den Bosch, the...

  • Klaauw, Marja van der

    uit Hoorn

    Marja van der Klaauw. Birthdate 07-09-1954 in Naaldwijk. I am always looking for the perception that lies behind the visible reality. Create confusion without being bound by a technique, a box.

  • Klappers, Ceciel

    uit Julian

    For years I am a fanatic photographer and edit these images digitally on the computer. I am self-taught and working mainly by feel and intuition. Upon request and to visualize my work this website...

  • Klaren, Sonja van

    uit Ridderkerk

    Creating something out of nothing. Playing with materials, form and colour. Being touched.

  • Klaveren, Katrine van

    uit Zaandam

    My surrounding is my inspiration. How can I influence my surrounding? By magic/fantasy/necceryty perhaps? I use all sorts of technices to try so.

  • Klaver, Jaap

    uit Koog aan de Zaan

    In 2017 ben ik gestopt met mijn bedrijf. Vanaf dat moment schilder ik bij de Krommenieër Schilderskring KsK'80. Ik heb les van twee bekende Zaanse kunstenaars, Ludo Winkelman en Ed Oosterhoorn

  • Kleef, Monica van

    uit Rotterdam- Hillegersberg


  • Kleiberg, Britt

    uit Harderwijk

    'Worldly Creatures' Portraits of worldly beings, in the colors of all cultures!

  • Klein Hesselink, Annemieke

    uit Aalten

    Annemieke Klein Hesselink is fascinated by symmetrical and repetitive patterns. And she thinks paper is a nice material to work with. Hence the origami tessellations.

  • Klok, Janet

    uit Assen

    My name is Janet Klok and i'm a jewellery designer. I design for my own studio called Sparkle*. I use materials like silver, gold and titanium often combined with precious or semi precious stones....

  • Klooster, Hennie ten

    uit Oldebroek

    I am Hennie ten Klooster and art is for me a case to express my feelings

  • Kloosterman, Betty

    uit Eibergen

    My name is Betty Kloosterman(1968) and I'm painting watercolour since 1994. Watercolour has exeptional possibility's of how and what the water will bring you, and what the result will be. My style...

  • Klunder, Harry

    uit Nijensleek

    I am Harry Klunder (1962) born in the Netherlands. I am a teacher of visual education and artist.

  • Knaap, Angela van der

    uit 's-Gravenzande

    Angela van der Knaap: ’For me, art is a continuous quest for the best visual translation of the vivacity of life,’ The themes of her paintings show a fascinating search for the essence of...

  • Knevel, Jeroen

    uit Utrecht

    Please be welcome!

  • Knip, Hemmechien

    uit Zutphen

    About the art of Hemmechien Knip . Knip creates large oil abstract paintings on canvas with figurative elements that are assembled to form the composition. Knip is fascinated with the use of...

  • Knoben-van Herwaarden, Loes

    uit Echt

    The bronze statues of Loes Knoben (1956) show expression, movement and excitement. Loes’ work is a reflection of the way she perceives life and shows her talent to observe people and to catch...

  • Kobus, Edward Michiel

    uit Leeuwarden

    Drawing artist and illustrator.

  • Koch, Ariane

    uit Tiel

    My name is Ariane Koch. I live and work in Tiel.