• Vilela, Zeca

    uit Eindhoven

    My name is Zeca Vilela, I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After finishing my education (advertisement and art), I went to Dublin to learn English....

  • Vleugel, Carin van der

    uit Uden

    art colorful , modern ,abstract animals, people , flowers . thick paint

  • Vermeulen, Susan

    uit Hilversum

    My name is Susan Vermeulen. I live and work in Hilversum, but originally I'm from Brabant. I paint big women who live their life pure and...

  • Vliet, Maas van

    uit Montfoort


  • Verstijnen, Ad

    uit Boxtel

    A man and his passion deeply connected. Artist Ad Verstijnen from Boxtel his craft is difficult to describe in words. He is a man who operates...

  • Ven, Jacobijn van de

    uit Zeewolde

    Watercolor !!

  • Vermeulen - Kossen, Marieke

    uit Eindhoven

    Marieke Vermeulen -Kossen, born in Den Haag in 1957. my specialty is drawing portraits with charcoal and crayons, I prefer to use the entire body...

  • Vandenabeele, Leen

    uit Wetteren

    My name is Leen Vandenabeele (10/12/55) and I currently live in Wetteren (Belgium). I have been creating art since 1998 in the Academy of Zwevegem...

  • Verwest, Serge

    uit Merelbeke

    In my Artwork I want to express an inner feeling witch I can't express by words. Born in 1952 (Belgium Europe where I still live) I grew up...

  • Vilsteren, Monique van

    uit 't Veld

    Art painted by Monique van Vilsteren in acrylic of water colour paint. With a clear preference for animals and portrets, niet realistically, but...

  • Verhoeff, Nelleke

    uit Rotterdam

    people, faces, masks, dreams and feelings are my source of inspiration

  • Vercoelen, Wilco

    uit Almelo

    Dear Art Lover, my name is Wilco Vercoelen and live in Almelo, The Netherlands. I discovered oil painting in 2013. I am autodidact, and enjoy...

  • Váczi, András István

    uit Budapest

    About me: I am a visual artist. My name: Andras Vaczi I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. First of I make copper etchings, moreover...

  • Voets, 1mirjam

    uit Zaandam

    With colorful acrylpaint, I've tried to catch my gloom or a dance or to stop the time

  • Verhoeven, Mike

    uit Son en Breugel

    My name is mike Verhoeven, Born in 1974 Son & Breugel in the Netherlands. I started painting when I was 13 years of age. I do Acryl paintings...

  • Vreden, Rosa Claire van

    uit Amsterdam

    Rosa Claire (1973) is a Dutch Visionary Artist, living and workin in Amsterdam. She spend her childhood living in a tiny village in the north of...

  • Verse Kunst, Marieke

    uit Albergen

    Verse Kunst staat voor hippe schilderijen, snelheid en kwaliteit. Marieke maakt vrij werk dat wordt getoont bij 8 galeries in Nederland, maakt...

  • Vos, Elsje

    uit IJmuiden

    To me, water waves of emotions, from pretty sunny to raw, are powerful and all devastating. I was born Elsje Vos on January 4, 1963 in IJmuiden....

  • Van Dijk, Olga

    uit Avondale (USA)

    Olga is teaching Abstracts and Collage/paintings @ the University of Delaware (Wilmington Campus) USA She's invited on a regular base as a guest...

  • Vaandering, Erik-jan

    uit Alkmaar

    Erik-Jan Vaandering, dutch artist