• Uden, Hans van

    uit Nistelrode

    Hans van Uden works with hard natural stone, leaving part of the original stone to remain. In addition, he combines stone with Kortenstaal

  • Uytley, Bert

    uit Leysin

    Bert Uytley (1948) is an artist who specializes in digital art. He concentrates on pictures that look like photos but in fact it are carefully digitally composed pictures of daily life scenes....

  • Uileman, Inge

    uit Els Poblets

    Looking at light and shadow, forms, colours and atmosphere, to reproduce that is the challenge. The passion is the continuous learning how to do this.

  • Uyttersprot, Freddy

    uit Dendermonde

    My paintings are characterized by a realistic, impressionistic representation of scenes, portraits, still lifes and landscapes in which light plays an important role.

  • Unger, Peter

    uit Amsterdam

    Peter Unger (1927-2007) was an artist who was primarily active as a watercolorist, draughtsman and illustrator. Themes in his work are nature, the christian faith and fantasy subjects.

  • Unen, Cynthia van

    uit St. Willebrord

    My name is Cynthia van Unen art therapist at Leef!Atelier. I use art and creativity to help people expres there difficult to talk about emotional conflicts . Art therapy is a creative method of...

  • Ulft, Elly van

    uit Venlo


  • Ust, Sukran

    uit Trabzon

    She was born in Pazar in 1959.She complted secondary and high education in Trabzon.In 1997 she firished Education Faculty of K.T.U Drawing,Art Deparment.The She prepared a caricature albume with...