• Van Acker, P. H.

    uit Utrecht

    My work is a visual record of various aspects, both formal and substantive, concerning the phenomenon of time. This record is achieved through a...

  • V/d Made, Wim

    uit Oosterhout/NBR

    Hello;my name is Wim v/d Made & i live in a small town called Oosterhout NBR in the Netherlands.I was born in 1937.The paintings you will see...

  • Veeneman, Christopher

    uit Paris

    Inspired by nature, my paintings are a cross between landscapes and abstract subjects. I have been experimenting with mixed techniques and...

  • Van Boom, Marc space

    uit EDEGEM

    re-search in the open labaratorium of live....the never ending story for a multi-dimensional designed brain patern.From...

  • Valgard, Ulla

    uit Helsinge

    ... don't forget to smile

  • Van Essen, Lizanne

    uit Meldreth, Cambridgeshire

    I work with artist's books, collage and watercolour, and my work is intended to be 'images to delight the eye and provoke thought', reflecting the...

  • Vucelic, Milorad cho

    uit Etobicoke, Toronto

    Milorad Cho Vucelic is originally from [ born in ] Belgrade,Serbia ( 1970 ) He has developed his own form of art which is influenced by hyper...

  • Vries, Anneke de

    uit Ossenzijl

    Main inspiration for her paintings is the beauty of nature in National Park de Weerribben where she lives. Sometimes she paints in het rowing...

  • Vergauwen, Stijn

    uit Geraardsbergen - Goeferdinge

    I usually start from a certain concept to realise my works. This can be based upon personal experiences, feelings, social situations.... The...

  • Venema, Bea

    uit Nieuw Amsterdam

    Bea Venema, born in 1967 in Erica / Emmen. Creativity, discovering, driven, visually oriented. Since 2005 captured by the 3 dimensionale work....

  • Vos, Chiene

    uit Oudorp nh

    Old and new , past and present. Everyday life and its volatility. Spring and Autumn in 'De Kijktuin', a platform for my own creations and other...

  • Veen, Frank van

    uit Sainte Marie

    Live and work in French Burgundy where my surroundings inspire my graphic work. Artcollege education in Den Bosch (Holland) 1969-1974.

  • Violetta Biziou, Paula Oyen

    uit Hawkinge

    It's not only paper, water & pigment i work with. The most important ingrediënt is Love. Love for the subject, love for the way I put it all...

  • Vervaet, Marnix

    uit Heist op den berg

    I went to an art school for 7 years from 1994 on. Before I was already creative by working in 'graphic advertising'. I was a co-starter to...

  • Vilela, Zeca

    uit Eindhoven

    My name is Zeca Vilela, I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After finishing my education (advertisement and art), I went to Dublin to learn English....

  • Vliet, Maas van

    uit Montfoort


  • Verstijnen, Ad

    uit Boxtel

    A man and his passion deeply connected. Artist Ad Verstijnen from Boxtel his craft is difficult to describe in words. He is a man who operates...

  • Ven, Jacobijn van de

    uit Zeewolde

    Watercolor !!

  • Vermeulen - Kossen, Marieke

    uit Eindhoven

    Marieke Vermeulen -Kossen, born in Den Haag in 1957. my specialty is drawing portraits with charcoal and crayons, I prefer to use the entire body...

  • Vandenabeele, Leen

    uit Wetteren

    My name is Leen Vandenabeele (10/12/55) and I currently live in Wetteren (Belgium). I have been creating art since 1998 in the Academy of Zwevegem...