• Bomen, Het Blad van de

    uit Ansen

    ' The Top of the Trees ' is the woodworking company of Marcelle van der Leeuw. The main product consists of artistic side tables and coffee tables...

  • Bouwkamp, Wiebrand

    uit Molenend

    Recurring themes in my paintings are: Flying bumblebees and butterflies, lust for life, melancholy and desire. Some works are very serene while...

  • Bennis, Joke

    uit Barendrecht

    Joanna van den Heuvel-Bennis(1960) Autodidact. Paintings oil and acrylic. Realistic but also impressionistisch art work. Portret, animal, flowers,...

  • Berg, Carla van den

    uit Bad Nieuweschans

    Carla van den Berg paints with acrylic/mixed media on canvas and on her own manually crafted paper which she makes so thick and firm that it is...

  • Bijl, Thea

    uit Steensel

    My name is Thea Bijl,born in 1961 at Hoogezand-Sappemeer. I studied social work at the Social Academy in Groningen. In 1990/1991 my husband and I...

  • Baak, Dewy

    uit Tilburg

    Dewy Baak, painter who lives and works in Tilburg, The Netherlands. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in s'-Hertogenbosch and specializes in...

  • Buskermolen, Leanne

    uit Mijdrecht

    En Route. Always busy to develop myself in the journey of making. New works in the manholecover series. Manhole Covers with flowers, Manhole...

  • Beks, Gerdi

    uit Tilburg

    I make paintings and chalk drawings on board. The figures in the paintings, often houses, act as a catalyser of atmosphere and emotion. I use the...