• Berlo, Will van

    uit Mariahout

    Statement "Unknown Freedom" My work shows a strong interest in existential dilemmas of human kind: “Freedom and being afraid of...

  • Boonstra, Peter

    uit Almere

    Peter Boonstra Kunstschilder Almere. De schilderijen van Peter Boonstra (1957) kenmerken zich door het romantisch en soms magisch realisme en...

  • Bar, Amit

    uit Doetinchem

    In 1950 I was born in Kibbutz Kfar Hamaccabi, Israel, where I lived until 1988. Since 1988 I live in Doetinchem, The Netherlands, and work as a...

  • Bergen, Ad van

    uit Harderwijk

    Welcom on my website, my name is Ad van Bergen I was born in 1954 in Wieringerwaard, Holland.

  • Boumans, Anita

    uit De Goorn

    ANITA BOUMANS-DOUGHTY. HIGH WYCOMBE,ENGLAND. (1956) I started painting later in life. I paint in Acrylics and use various other mediums. My...

  • Beers, Loek van

    uit Boxtel

    Dutch artist sells paintings and works in commision

  • Bakermans, Cecile

    uit Best

    People inspire me, who and what they are and what keeps them going. I mostly make my paintings with people in it. I'm a positive person myself and...

  • Brands, Herman

    uit De Bilt

    I am Herman Brands born on 28-07-1965. I paint with oil paint - My subjects go out to landscape and still life. I am self-taught and I have...

  • Buskermolen, Leanne

    uit Mijdrecht

    En Route. Always busy to develop myself in the journey of making. New works in the manholecover series. Manhole Covers with flowers, Manhole...

  • Badovinac, Dusanka

    uit Capelle a/d IJssel

    My art is me, everything I see or feel. Creating balance in power and sensitivity in my art is my never ending challenge. Therefore I use knifes...

  • Blonk, Johannes

    uit Weyersheim

    It’s a great challenge for me to leave out as much as possible. What remains should be essential, modest and pure. Humans have a tendency to...

  • Beaupont

    uit Nijmegen

    Beaupont (Dutch, born 1971) is still one of the most un-known, anonymous, artists working today. Beaupont’s work inspires people to think about...

  • Boogert, Linda van den

    uit Fijnaart

    Linda works as a mediamistic painter. Her paintings represent the energetic form of an event or situation.

  • Borst, Simon

    uit Alkmaar

    simon borst, artist living at alkmaar. painting in a light abstract impressionistical way. working as a plein air painter the nature is my working...

  • Bijl, Thea

    uit Steensel

    My name is Thea Bijl,born in 1961 at Hoogezand-Sappemeer. I studied social work at the Social Academy in Groningen. In 1990/1991 my husband and I...

  • Bekkens, Lex

    uit Brussel

    At the end of the '90ies I started painting. I followed some courses at MK24 in Amsterdam in which I learned the necessary techniques. Since a few...

  • Boelrijk, Michaël

    uit Amstelveen

    Michaël loves to show his observations. He is an autodidact. By getting a lot of feedback his skills will improve. With Empathy and real interest...

  • Boertjens, Herold

    uit Loenen (Veluwe)

    I prefer painting abstracts. An interesting composition with a lot of colour, depth and light is what I aim for. I like expressing myself through...

  • Berkum, Nienke Hilda van

    uit Lelystad

    self taught women painting with bright colours the connection between her innerworld and the world outside.

  • Boot, Maja

    uit Huizen (n.h)

    Maja Boot is Co-Founder of the 'Artist Collective Blaricum' and the 'Kinderkunstakademie' in Blaricum. She finds hereselves a worker instead of a...