• Beukema, Gert

    uit Zwolle

    Photography is my artistic outlet as a hobby for the last 10 years that has given me a lot of joy. Here I am trying to spread this joy to the viewers.

  • Brakenhoff, Gabriela

    uit Tilburg

    I love to draw and paint. I am a realistic painter. Normally I painted small paintings. In the beginning of 2009 I started painting big paintings....

  • Bonten, Toos

    uit Sterksel

    My artwork exist of paintings and sculptures. A lot of inspiration I get from nature, think of landscapes and organic forms. These days I work...

  • Bos, Leo

    uit Hengelo

    Leo Bos (1955) paints abstract paintings with oil- and acrylic paint on canvas.

  • Brandenburg, Antoinette MH

    uit Rotterdam

    My name is Antoinette MH Brandenburg (1959), I life and work in my studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I'm a painter, using oilpaint &...

  • Belova, Anastasia

    uit Loosdrecht

    Anastasia Belova was born in 1964 in St.Petersburg and at 5 years old she already started out drawing. When she was 10 she went to the urban...

  • Brantt

    uit Gent

    Brantt (°1977) lives and works in Ghent. As an artist he never pins himself down to one particular discipline or style, which means he’s active...

  • Bijlsma, Ruud

    uit Groningen

    Artist and photographer Ruud Bijlsma trys to draw a picture of the images in our mind about the worlds off the past, present and future in...

  • Beer, K. de

    uit Tilburg

    Prolific and poetic in his authentic photographs, Karel de Beer is an entirely self-taught artist. Simplicity is the hallmark of these freshly...

  • Boertjens, Herold

    uit Loenen (Veluwe)

    I prefer painting abstracts. An interesting composition with a lot of colour, depth and light is what I aim for. I like expressing myself through...

  • Berends, Colette

    uit Zwolle

    Textile Art is is an unique sort of Art. Ther is an incredible amount of colours and materials in my work. It exceeds the possibilities of...

  • Baggen, Jan

    uit Zutphen

    Educated as a graphic designer, but for many years I have been active as an illustrator for various publishers. These were mainly pen drawings. I...

  • Barendrecht, Kokky

    uit Apeldoorn

    Kokky Barendrecht, born in Gouda (1951), creates atmospheric paintings in which colours and contrasts are the leading part. Poetic and alienated...