Sea Shepherd Conservation S

Door Aurora Sekhmet, 2012

40cm x 50cm

This a SeaShepherd Hero. He protects the whales and dolphins. The symbols above his head are their flag, an old Pirate's flag, somewhat altered; the bones have been turned into a staff and trident, as symbols of protection of the ocean. He looks anguished because he sees and feels the pain of the slaughtered whales and dolphins, it hurts him to his core. I was inspired by Erwin Vermeulen.



Tweedimensionaal | Schilderkunst | Acryl | on canvas


Schilderij Art Oil Olieverf Kunst Painting Schedel Dolfijn Vlag Held Skull Flag Botten Walvis Vermeulen Hero Trident Bones Piraat Wales Erwin Drietand Dolphins Pirate Seashepherd

Over Aurora Sekhmet