Love's shining Light

Door Aurora, 2011

50cm x 60cm

My Beloved sees me from afar. Times suddenly slows down, everythings starts to move in slow-motion, like under water and a bright beam of light appears to shine down on me. This is how he recognizes ME



Tweedimensionaal | Painting | Olieverf | on canvas


Schilderij Vrouw Man Art Licht Oil Olieverf Kunst Painting Bloem Love Light Flower Stel Lotus Lichtstraal Straal Couple Beam

Over Aurora

My artist name is Aurora after the Goddess of Light, the Bringer of Dawn after the dark night of the soul. I’m an Amsterdam-based artist, all my works are oil paintings on canvas as I paint images in the tradition of magical realism with loads of symbolism and using the traditional oil painting techniques of the old Dutch masters.