• Gerven, Annet van

    uit Lisse

    To paint and does signs I gladly, most in speaking clear colours, to my paintings gives I a personal passie (environment expression). As inspiration use I, what I see or photograph `s of...
  • Bastiaan, Teunie

    uit Wezep

    I am Teunie Bastiaan (1963), visual artist and art teacher at the VSO, the Gentiaan College in Apeldoorn. Owner of the Kunstlokaal Wezep and trained as an art teacher at Windesheim.
  • Bunk, Stephanie

    uit Heerjansdam

    Stephanie Bunk Portrait artist Graphite drawings
  • Janssen, Saskia

    uit Maastricht

    In my spare time I am an enthusiastic painter, learning and trying out as I go.
  • Izaguirre, Irina

    uit Buenos Aires

    I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've studied biology, but I paint since I was a girl. I'm basically selftaught, but I have attended to different art ateliers. Nature is present in most of my works.
  • Stam-Honders, Alida

    uit Lisse

    Thank you for taking a look at my page. My name is Alida Stam-Honders, autodidact, born in Haarlem (1990). In my art gallery you can find different works. I am autodidact.
  • Veen, Sonja van der

    uit Den Haag

    Hello! I'm Sonja I'm a freelance illustrator/artist and nature lover living in The Hague, the Netherlands. With my illustrations and paintings, I capture the beauty and preciousness of...
  • Qeimoy

    uit Bergeijk

    I want to make the world a little bit more beautiful! My motto is ‘creating smiles’. In my art you'll find plenty of color. Also check out the Qeimoy site and socials!
  • Boer, Marianne de

    uit Zeist

    Marianne woont en werkt in Zeist. Haar schilderijen zijn fris, levendig en kleurrijk. Zij werkt met acryl en olieverf en schildert vanuit abstractie naar een realistisch gegeven.
  • Wielink, Bas van

    uit Eindhoven

    Between abstract and realistic there is a middelground i find interesting. The beauty of spontanius and nurural form is my inspiration.
  • Despotović, Dragan

    uit Belgrado

    Рођен 1964. године у Обардима, општина Пљевља. Дипломирао на АЛУ Сарајево 1989. Од 2000. до 2014. живео у Холандији. До...
  • Bouwkamp, Wiebrand

    uit Molenend

    Recurring themes in my paintings are: Flying bumblebees and butterflies, lust for life, melancholy and desire. Some works are very serene while other paintings appear more dynamic. The overall...
  • Saffran, Axel

    uit Venlo

    Axel Saffran has more or less dropped his pixels and is now playing with charcoal. His recently finished drawings are now on show online. His earlier, photo-based art is most easily described as...
  • Hees, Joke van

    uit Grave

    Mijn schilderwerken zijn abstract maar ook realistisch. Mijn tekeningen maak ik met potlood en kleurpotlood.
  • Renders, Helga

    uit Herentals

    Using bright colors in her paintings, Helga Renders likes to show us a touch of poetry. Her work is expressive, combined with an inner strenght. People are her favorite subjects.
  • Zijl, Erwin van

    uit Amsterdam

    In my watercolors and drawings I seek for the essence of forms in relation to the effects of light and space
  • Scheltes, Marrie

    uit Alphen aan den Rijn

    Mixed media drawings, Pastel portraits and Acrylic paintings.
  • van Zeeland, Vincent

    uit Zwolle

    Vincent van Zeeland is a dutch painter and musician who works and lives in Zwolle, the netherlands
  • Matthieu Claus

    uit Gent

    MATTHIEU CLAUS (°1977, Kortrijk, Belgium)The artist paints fictional landscapes that are made up of photographic fragments of shapeless metals on industrial scrap heaps.
  • Norden, Fae van

    uit Drempt

    I like to draw and paint with all kinds of materials. I especially like realistic references such as animals. I learned to paint from my grandfather and I continue to learn.