Global Heating

Door Carla Ellens, 2020

100cm x 70cm

An impression, just something to think about. With those so frightening fires (Australia), more storms, more rain, more dark clouds, more thunderstorm, more whirlwind, you name it. But what can we do? A registration with a purely realistic image? Are just an impression? Our future perhaps? We don't know!  Will this be our legacy? Everything that remains? Or are we going for that umpteenth time? To give nature its own face again? The face it needs?

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Two-dimensional | Fotografie | Chemical processed


Art Surreal Global Photography Carla Fine Analogue Heating Ellens

Over Carla Ellens

Conceptueel vanuit mijn gedachte, impressionistisch door toevalligheden, met de nadruk op poëtische fotografie. Verwoord digitaal of analoog. Mijn fotografie.....