• Rijkeboer, Angeline

    uit Blaricum

    Angeline Rijkeboer for colourful paintings. Subjects are animals (wildlife/pets/birds), landscapes and abstract/geometrical paintings.

  • Rosing, Marieke

    uit Berlikum

    Marieke Rosing (1981) knows since her childhood a passion for painting and drawing. By self-learning and experimenting, she has developed a recognizable style. Characterized by the use of many...

  • Rumen, Betsie

    uit Rosmalen

    Betsie Rumen 1950 self-taught Atelier Power4art (wall) sculptures of synthetic resin

  • Rijswijk, Janine van

    uit Hilvarenbeek

    JANINE VAN RIJSWIJK, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg (NL). She experiments with a lot of materials in a surprising way. Suggestive art to be seen at International exhibitions.

  • Rodriguez, Ivan

    uit Antofagasta

    I was born in the town of Tocopilla in the second region of Chile, in september 15 of 1972. I lived most of my life in Antofagasta, a small city on the coast right next to the Tropic of Capricorn....

  • Riccobene, Vincenzo

    uit San Pietro in Casale

    I am a macrobiotic cook and a craniosacrall therapist. When I started working as a cook I also started to create things and later I have started working with color, sand, stone and wood. My last...

  • Russell-davies, Adrian

    uit Telarah NSW

    Photographer / Luminographer based in Australia.

  • Ras-Kurus, Grazyna

    uit Rotterdam

    Hi. my name is Grazyna. I'm an autodidactic painter. I paint mostly portraits and female figures.

  • Rani, Neeta

    uit Moscow

    NEETA RANI MOSCOW hello welcome to my art work . i am an indian artisit . i am educated in dayalbagh educational institute (deemed univercity) at agra . i made painting some of personal thought...

  • Reeuwijk, Antoinette

    uit Vlijmen

    A selection from my picture portfolio which I publish under the name ACE Photography.

  • Ringoot, Pieter

    uit Lelystad

    Pieter Ringoot, (1921-2011) Homage aan het werk van deze Belgische kunstschilder. Geboren in augustus 1921 te Anderlecht. (België) Leefde en werkte in Lebbeke. Leerling van Emile Salkin aan de...

  • Rövekamp, Tom

    uit MIDDELIE

    Autodidact, fascinated by purely white paper; often on the road with foto eyes. Further a man of few words.

  • Roetert Steenbruggen, Hendrik

    uit Lemelerveld

    Hendrik Roetert Steenbruggen (1973). I'm self-taught and I make bronze figures. I like to do everything myself; from the moulding of the modeling-wax to the casting of the bronze. Occasionally I...

  • Regoort, Meindert

    uit Zuidoostbeemster

    Maker of wooden objects and furniture, wood in all it's facets

  • Rodenhuis-Terpstra, Geertje

    uit Weidum

    Geertje Rodenhuis started painting in March 2019. She was born on a farm in 1964 and thus inherited a love of nature from home. When she was 54, she had the time to develop her creativity. Her...

  • Ransdorp, Marlies

    uit Maarssen

    To express myself is an important part of my life. Through painting Ishow my emotions and ideas.I contemplate what being a woman means to me and explore themes whichtouch me and daily occupy...

  • Rijk - van der Steen, Tanja de

    uit Tienhoven

    My true Passion is working with Clay. Making something Fantastic out of a simple Hump of Clay, sometimes accompanied by Baroc elements. My works are Primarily Thrown on the Wheel. Handformed...

  • Ravenhorst, Henk

    uit Kortenhoef

    Emotions and perception of musicians, their passion at gigs and the love for their instruments. I am looking for it. As a photographer I am self-taught and I have my style found in the small...

  • Roelofsen, José

    uit Zwaag

    My name is José Roelofsen, I am a potter, making ceramics on the potters turntable. For the finishing touch I use recepies from known glazes, and ad a little chemicals.

  • Regemortel, Lotte van

    uit Morkhoven

    Art is my passion, in every way. I prefer realistic portraits to draw. A look, an emotion, an expression... to catch it on paper and make it last forever...That's what fascinates me. But I even...