• Gunzel, Maggie

    uit Voorburg

    Fascinated by old folk tales, myths and legends, especially from the celtic culture, I make paintings with oilpaint. Your fantasy grows with every...

  • Geurts, Renee

    uit Leiden

    Renée Geurts graduated in 2010 cum laude at Kunstacademie Haarlem/Leiden.

  • Guerra, Nathalie

    uit Rotselaar

    Born in Hasselt (Belgium). Lives and works in Leuven.

  • Gille, Piet

    uit Leusden

    I happen to work intuitively and only in wood . Whenever I start with a trunk I use the gouge purely on luck. I prefer an unformed trunk because a...

  • Graaf, Malena van de

    uit Den Haag

    Colours are central in my work, which has nature and imagination as main themes. I make both abstract and figurative paintings. As I have a...

  • Gritter, Hans

    uit Amsterdam

    I paint my landscapes after nature but I do make new versions in my studio that are often bigger and in which I try to realize more expression and...

  • Goudberg, Albert

    uit Amerongen

    The nature in its organic and non organic features are an important inpiration for Albert Goudberg his work.

  • Gloudemans, Gerrit

    uit Nijmegen

    I am above all a painter. Many portraits, but actually my work is very divers. My purpose is to discover meaning in images. While observing and...

  • Goede, Mariken de

    uit Amsterdam

    Sculpter forms statues in stone. Works often on location on invitation. Besides the firm stone work i like to work on instalations made off...

  • Groenheyde, Albert

    uit Putte

    Albert Groenheyde (1939) was trained for the printing trade at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. He worked professionally as a designer. A...

  • Griendt, Henri van de

    uit Deurne

    Welcome to my view on the world. With a preference for the portrait. Maybe done before. But not by me.

  • Gouskova, Olga

    uit Bruges

    Often walking hand-in-hand with controversy is the sensual female form, Russian born, Belgium based - artist Olga Gouskova certainly knows how to...

  • Gordillo, Adolfo Augusto

    uit Cali

    My name is Adolfo Gordillo, I was born in Cali Colombia, South America in 1948.

  • Gromicho, Natália

    uit Corroios

    The sea is my insipartion, I became an Artist to devolpe my own soul.

  • Giraldez, Ricardo

    uit Buenos Aires

    Ricardo Giraldez is an Argentine painter and writer born in 1970 in Buenos Aires. He specialized in drawing and painting at the Academy Raggio....

  • Geysen, Johan

    uit Retie

    Portrait & Model projects or buying a work: dARTigital studio simbiozo.arto@gmail.com +32 478 97 57 72

  • Grumbkow, Christian von

    uit Wuppertal

    I paint abstract landscapes one also could call them 'soul scapes'

  • Gielis, Joeri

    uit NEERVELP

    I use the ancient dotpaint style of Papunya, Central Australia, to tell my own stories, and make my own paintings in abstract style.

  • Gent, Henriette van

    uit Serooskerke

    Love, vulnerability and sense, especially with the deeper feelings involved, are the source of inspiration for my latest work. My paintings...

  • Gosselin, Paul

    uit Menen

    Paul Gosselin - Born on the 23 november 1961 in Menen - Belgian artist - Painter, draftsman, pastellist of portraits, animals, genre scenes,...