Blossoms at dusk. Diptych

Door Vania Bouwmeester Pentcheva, 2020

100cm x 140cm x 4cm

In this time of pandemic while the deadly virus delivers endless  sorrow and sadness, artists inspirations arrive from the most basic things.  Soft evening light or dusk sending the day away,  a period where resilience has been required for a successful outcome.  As a result of a peaceful moment a tranquil composition was born to restore the feelings and fill up the space with positive emotions.



Two-dimensional | Schilderkunst | Acryl | Op doek


Blue Red Green Roze Lente Pink Spring Grey Dusk Blossoms

Over Vania Bouwmeester Pentcheva

Mijn abstracte werk is een weerspiegeling van observaties en emoties die tot uitdrukking komen in kleuren, vormen en composities.