Door Mark Pol, 2018

70cm x 50cm

If you look at the painting you see at the far right and the far left black areas. Why? The left area must say something about the unknown sub-Saharan Africa, which is in Europe, for the most people from the West, an unknown area.  The far right black area is Europe beyond Spain, which for the most people in the Maghrib also an unknown area. I shall not speak about the difference in culture and the difference in the social context: on one side of the people who live in the sub-Saharan Africa and of the people of the other side who live in the West beyond Spain.  I think the Water Margins are just a virtual border between those two worlds, because I believe that people all over the world are the same with the same dreams and same wishes for happiness and fantasies. Everybody wants to live in peace and in peaceful coexistence which each other.    



Two-dimensional | Schilderkunst | Acryl | on canvas


Blue Black White

Over Mark Pol

ARTISTIQUE LIFE OF MARK POL I was born in The Hague. Now I live in Amsterdam. I had no artistic influence. My parents were poor and could not pay a formal academic study in the Arts. At that time I knew nothing about art. I have just my own fantasy. I am a dreamer who never wants to wake up, but I did when I grew up. I received formal training on the Free Academy of Art in the evening in The Hague. On the Photo academy also during the evening I learned to make photos. I worked always alone. I was a loner then and I am still now. To mention a view press comments: USA Press release Upstream People Gallery Mark Pol receives International recognition with his artwork "Threaded Desire" ITALY ALPES, December 12, 2014 pages 24 and 25. USA Press Release Four Points Contemporary Award of excellenc