Door Vania Bouwmeester Pentcheva, 2021

70cm x 140cm x 3cm

Each season brings different things to the world around me that I like to make sure and paint as they roll across the calendar each year. The maturing wheat fields are a part of one of the cycles with beautiful scenes that I try to make sure I don’t miss. Standing at the edge of a large wheat field and looking out over all those plants swaying in the breeze is impressive. A wheat field on a breeze day can be hypnotic.

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Tweedimensionaal | Schilderkunst | Acryl | Op doek


Yellow Magenta Field Hay Wheat

Over Vania Bouwmeester Pentcheva

Mijn abstracte werk is een weerspiegeling van observaties en emoties die tot uitdrukking komen in kleuren, vormen en composities.