Magical forest

Door Vania Bouwmeester Pentcheva, 2021

100cm x 100cm x 3cm

Forest, a place deliciously cool and damp, when the diffused sun casts mysterious shadows over tiny clearings. A place of retreat and reflection. A place where you can easily get lost but actually unstoppably  inspirational.  The painting is painted on  a professional linen stretched onto extra reinforced with aluminium and wood under frame guaranteeing no skewing. Sides are 3 cm thick and painted so framing is not necessary but could be added if you wish to. Finished with a glaze of UV varnish to protect against sunlight and dust damage. Ready to hang.



Two-dimensional | Schilderkunst | Acryl | on canvas


Yellow Blue Kleurrijk Warm Pink Colourful

Over Vania Bouwmeester Pentcheva

Mijn abstracte werk is een weerspiegeling van observaties en emoties die tot uitdrukking komen in kleuren, vormen en composities.