Door Janny Pieck - Plantinga, 2017

25cm x 25cm

Studie gemaakt tijdens Tekentechnieken Klassieke Academie, docent Milan Smidt

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Tweedimensionaal | Tekenkunst | Tracer / Chalk / Pencil


Krijt Dier Stilleven Still Life Studie Vos Siberisch

Over Janny Pieck - Plantinga

Janny Pieck-Plantinga Contemporary Classical Painter New Dutch Realism in the tradition of the Old Dutch Masters. Statement Janny Pieck-Plantinga: Beauty, pure and timeless in the tradition of the Old Dutch Masters. Drawing from nature reinforces your sense of form and proportions and the more you put this into practice, the better you can express your feelings. The work gets a soul, credibility and flair. Once the painting is hanging on the wall, it's like it has always been there. It's timeless. Taking the painting away makes you realize that you are missing something at a level beyond the material. Then art has achieved its goal.