21 spring hats

Door Tineke Veenhoven, 2018

20cm x 50cm

21 spring hats. an adult cougar weighs about 70 kilo's, and can jump up to 10 metres. it stalks its prey, and pounces from overhanging branches or ledges, grabbing its victim by the neck, breaking the spine or piercing a major blood vessel. it occasionally attacks people. cougar hats are specifically designed to repel the onlooking ghost of the rainforest. wear it with the eyes facing backwards, it may save your life!

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Ruimtelijk | Gebruiksvoorwerp | Non-ceramics

Over Tineke Veenhoven

onder de naam fatima blush maakt nederlandse kunstenares tineke veenhoven (draagbare) kunstobjecten van afvalmateriaal. tevens maakt zij schilderijen en korte filmpjes omlijst met eigen muziek. dutch artist tineke veenhoven creates wearable works of art from recycled materials, using the brand name 'fatima blush'. she also paints and makes videos with her own flute music.