sheepscape #4

Door della lana, 2017

125cm x 65cm

vloerkleed van ruige donkerbruine wol, met een turquoise ondergrond van merinowol



Ruimtelijk | Beelden | Textile


Object Vierkant Rug Brown Muur Dark Turkoois Turquoise Sculpture Soft Square Donkerbruin Wandkleed Textielkunst Sustainable Wool Vloerkleed Wallhanging Rustic Wallart Sheepfleece Fiberart

Over della lana

My work is based on a personal engagement with finding beauty in imperfection, of things that are impermanent and incomplete. By exploring a broad range of materials, techniques and processes in my work, often combined with traditional crafts, I aim to create alternative visions of the world. Most of the works are balancing between attraction and repulsion.