• Mooij, Anja de

    uit Kalmthout

    "My works are sincere self-confrontations I paint abstractly" Speaking is language/image artist Anja de Mooij

  • Moonen (1952 's Hertogenbosch), Dolly

    uit Eindhoven

    I am interested in the little things around us, nature, childhood, fun. I use materials as oil, acryl, inkt, bister, water colours, on paper or canvas

  • Mooy, Trudy de

    uit Amersfoort

    Fascination for space and the role of light define my work. Ik excel in the city where I look out over polderlandscape. The contrasts! Rough and soft; texture and colour; small and intimate...

  • Morcus, Els

    uit Purmerend

    My work is the result of the ever-present urge to capture the images which touch me. I am helped by my continued curiosity about materials and techniques to make this possible. Nature in...

  • Mostert, Jan

    uit Marrum

    Painter of the Dutch landscape JAN MOSTERT. In the course of the years this painter this painter of the Dutch landscape, working from the romantic tradition of Northern-European art, has developed...

  • Mourick, Inelouise

    uit Bad Bentheim. OT. Gildehaus

    After completing her 'Painting, Drawing and Textile Art' studies, she is now working as a professional artist in her own Studio/Gallery where her paintings, abstract- and figurative, are to be seen.

  • Movrin, Mai

    uit Zwaag

    Mai Movrin (Brunssum, 1962) visual artist , her education she received at the Academy of Arts, Maastricht. Concepts such as security and protection are incorporated in a natural shapes or even...

  • Mozer, Hans

    uit Amsterdam

    Visual artist with oil paintings, hand-painted portraits, ceramic statuettes and sculptures. Atelier and gallery with sales.

  • Mulckhuijse, Bart

    uit Leiden

    Leidse Lijnen, minimalistic drawings with pencil by Bart Mulckhuijse.

  • Mulderij, Djan

    uit Deventer

    Since 1991, Djan has performed with 6 other artists a gallery named 'Bij Floors de berg op' at the Walstraat in Deventer. At this location she exhibits her ceramics, and is usually at the gallery...

  • Mullem, Jan van

    uit Capelle aan den IJssel

    My style is contemporary realism, but with some impressionistic elements. I prefer to paint buildings and landscapes.

  • Munnik, Grant de

    uit Groningen

    A unique round-up of spiritual healthcare-products for him and her.

  • Munnik, Peter

    uit Deventer

    Peter Munnik (1951, self-taught) oil and acrylic paintings. There are usually figurative elements in my work, which leaves room for a personal interpretation of the viewer. For small groups I...

  • Munning, Robert

    uit Loon op Zand

    Dutch realist painter Robert Munning (1981) lives in the south of the Netherlands. He has a strong fascination for people, which is clearly visible in his work. His medium is oilpaint.

  • Murphy, Conor

    uit Duxbury

    Born in Ireland, living now in the U.S.. loves the sea and landscape of west Cork, Ireland, Loves Impasto painting in oil

  • Muts, Robert

    uit Heerlen

    As most artists have experienced, the urge to create art originated in childhood. The thrill to convert situations and experiences into images gives a kick.