• Menunana, Artist

    uit Noordwijk

    Everytime I try to make something different from my last painting. In this way I hope I can discover new things. https://www.menunana.com/

  • Meppelink, Hieke

    uit Haarlem

    Sculptures in bronze by the Dutch soprano and sculptress Hieke Meppelink. Due to her experience as a singer many of her sculptures are inspired by music and spiritual themes.

  • Mercera, Sjaricia

    uit Rotterdam

    WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE. My name is Sjaricia Mercera. They called me Ita. When I was 14, I saw a stringart piece. It was a sailboat. I figured out how to do it my self, than decided that when I have...

  • MetalHenk

    uit Amersfoort

    Henk Biemans, metal artist. I make wire sculptures and medieval inspired clothing, jewelry and wall hangings.

  • Meuleners, Peter

    uit Heerlen

    Peter Meuleners born 1952 in Heerlen The Netherlands. Mine works are painted in the style 'Romantic fantastic realism'. I paint key and keyholes instad of the humanbody. Key and keyholes also...

  • Meulenkamp, Miranda

    uit Oude pekela

    Welcome to the site of Miranda Meulenkamp I was born in 1974 in Groningen. After working in children's clothing for three years as a designer, I discovered that painting is my true passion. by...

  • Meulen, Vonne van der

    uit Amsterdam

    I started drawing and painting as an autodidact. Furthermore I was educated in model drawing, art therapie, drawing / painting at Vrije Academie De Leuwenburgh and digital art lessons Adel Sypesteyn.

  • Meurs, Miranda

    uit Loenen


  • Mevissen, Henny

    uit Waddinxveen

    Henny followed her study at the Academie of Arts in Leiden/Haarlem where she graduated in 2014. Her works of art are a special combination of photography, digital imaging and painting. Mostly she...

  • Meyer, Antje

    uit Hage

    A picture can tell thousands of stories, depending on who is looking at it. A mood or atmosphere can speak to your feelings without an explanation. I can tell something without using words. The...

  • Meyer, Arthur Richard

    uit Vacszentlászló

    ARTHUR MEYER born in The Hague, The Netherlands. Since 1991 living as artistpainter in Hungary. Here I've learned to appreciate the 'en plein air' work, with oil - and pastell. According to the...

  • Meyer, Nell

    uit Harderwijk

    What remains is the challenge to fill the empty space from an intuitive approach and irrational to admit during this process.

  • Meyles, Wim

    uit Sint Pancras

    Welcome to my on-line gallery! I hope you will enjoy my creations in wood.

  • Meynen, Gerdien

    uit Harmelen

    lines, colours and shapes evolve into a story helped by technical and material skills. the five year course at the royal academy of art in the hague '84 -'89 offered a diverse range of courses...

  • Michels, Jane (jeanny )

    uit Reusel

    Jane (Jeanny) Michels Born 22nd. 1958 Mierlo (the Netherlands) 1983 successfully passed St . Joost Academy of Art and Design Breda , in the section : Fashion Design 2016 successfully passed...

  • Michiels, Nancy

    uit Aarschot

    Nancy Michiels mainly creates dreamy watercolor landscapes. She loves watercolor because it is such a free medium where the paint can run free.That makes here work fresh and surprisingly bright

  • Micke- Smelt, Antoinette Marie

    uit Moerkapelle

    My name is Antoinette Micke- Smelt, born in the Netherlands in the year 1942. As an autodidact I take different lessons in painting for some years, using a variety of techniques. For me the...

  • Middelkamp, Ben

    uit Groningen

    Ben Middelkamp was born in Wijhe, The Netherlands, in 1957. By 1974, he felt himself an artist and would sell his seascapes and sunsets in the local villages. In 1980, he did his first landart...

  • Middelkoop, Renee

    uit Oosterhout

    Renée Middelkoop, born on the 26th of April 1957 in Kampen, the Netherlands. What is her drive? Boasting a history of four generations, art is in her blood. Her impressions of art involve a range...

  • Middendorp, Jos

    uit Den Haag

    Jos Middendorp (The Hague 1962) finds his themes in places where science, history, art and fiction come together. He works in different styles next to each other and tries out different techniques...