• Ammerlaan, John

    uit Bleiswijk

    John Ammerlaan, 1962, married to Marianne, always a passie for drawning, autodidact and following a 2-year course modeldrawning. Specialized in Retro-Drawning. (using old pictures, update these.)

  • Alink, Betty M.

    uit Maarssen

    Since January 2012 'caught' by the 17th Century Painting Techniques. Before that self-taught. Other artistic expressions: photography, painting on silk, making clothes.

  • Adank, Henny

    uit Breda

    Breda, 1949. I realy like to draw in realistic (photographical) sphere with coloured pencils. Enjoy all of my drawings at: www.hennyadank.nl

  • Agema, Harry

    uit Bergen N.H.

    HARRY AGEMA is a multidisciplinair artist. His main art is graphic art like: etching, woodcut, linocut, screenprint, litho and sometimes a mixture of those technics. His art is mostly connected to...

  • Amerongen, Richard van

    uit Wuustwezel

    I am Richard van Amerongen, born 1970.. Spiritual landscapeartist oil paintings on canvas

  • Annaert, Karin

    uit Amsterdam

    Inspired by day to day observations, translating that into my work

  • Arendsz, Willem

    uit Rhoon

    Acrylic and oil paintings. Most recently horses en the polders here in the neighbourhood of my village.

  • Aksakova, Ada

    uit Amsterdam

    My name is Ada Aksakova. I am working since 1989 as artist. During the period 1984-1989 I was following my study on the Royal Academy of Art's in Munich -Germany. My study direction were...

  • Aerts, Egbert

    uit Kontich

    A stream of drawings and paintings with available material.

  • Aarsen Zahed, Edith


    Edith Aarsen Zahed was born in 1969 Amsterdam (Holland). After a study at business school and later fashion school, she went to Paris to study french. There she started creating paintings. Focused...

  • Ale, Sandra

    uit Oosthuizen

    As long as I can remeber I'm busy drawing and painting. Later on I begun to sculpure in stone, ceramics and steel. As a result of my artistic inspiration I participated the HKU in Utrecht and the...

  • Allochtoon, Art-

    uit Beit-Shemesh

    Ziv AYAL & Anat HULATA are Israeli artists who work together under the name 'Art-Allochtoon'

  • Artes, Mar

    uit Madrid

    Spanish artist. BA Fine Arts. University of Fine Art 'Santa Isabel de Hungría'. Sevilla (Spain)

  • Arya, Love Indian Image Ikshit ashish anand

    uit Lucknow

    Sketches made of Ball pen linings, which have Great Meaning within their Connectivity of lines.

  • Andrew, Eve

    uit Arnhem

    The rugged landscape and colours of the Scottish west coast have been a major influence on her work. Paintings,sculptures and jewellery reveal memories of her travels on the Hebrides, the Greek...

  • Andries, David

    uit Antwerp

    I was born in november 1979, in Antwerp, Belgium. I got a sculpting degree from the Royal Academy of Antwerp. I won the Macke prize for portrait sculpting and the Lerius prize for figure...

  • Aleksandrova, Anastasia

    uit St.Petersburg

    Bagautdinov Anvar. b 1962 . Graduated from St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Industry. 2001 has taught at St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Industry. Assistant...

  • Akanaev, Timur

    uit Almaty

    Akanaev Timur was born in a family of artists in 1982. He graduаted in 2004 from Kazakh National University. Member of Academy of arts of Republic Kazakhstan. A participant in exhibitions since...

  • Al Kurdi, Mohammed

    uit PARIS

    MOHAMMED AL KURDI né à Bagdad - Irak 1974 1990-1995 Diplômé de l'Institut Des Beaux-Arts, / Section -Dessin , Bagdad 1996-1998 Académie Des Beaux –Arts / Section De Sculpture , Bagdad 1993...

  • Aho, Kirsi-maria

    uit Turku

    I am a Finnish artist. I paint mostly with oil colours. I paint classical paintings but also funny animal figures. More paintings you are welcome to see here: http://kirsimariaaho.nettisivu.org/...