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    • Twan Bruurs

      Visual artist who uses computer software to create illustrations that evoke a certain feeling.

    • Petry Claassen

      Petry Claassen, 1964, Helmond Sculpture

    • Pat Dumez

      French artist, live and work in Dordrecht since 2007. Expressive portraits of women. Reflecting're, emotions and daily life of ordinary women that...

    • Derk Hasselo

      Derk Hasselo photography. "foto has" stands for 40 years of images and developement in photography.

    • Eveline van der Eijk

      The paintings, linocuts and woven projects that I make are easily recognized by the distinctive use of color. Nature and combinations of colors...

    • José Geelhoed

      figurative sculptures in high quality bronze and ceramics, as well as acryllic multi-media paintings and animal drawings in soft pastel. Made by...

    • Francien Heussen

      scupltural Artist. Sculptures and paintings. By intuitive use of the various materials, shapes and colours created my final images and paintings....

    • AstroVerde

      I made statuettes en wall ornaments of silver, copper, brass and alpax. My work is largely figurative, sometime made i also abstract pieces.

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