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    • Sarah Virginia Potts

      Sarah V Potts wants to depict the beauty of vulnerability. Her subjects are often people who are portrayed with sensitivity and grace.

    • Virginiya Savova

      Virginiya Savova was born in Bulgaria in 1982. After graduating from a Bulgarian gymnasium she moved to the Nederlands where she has been living...

    • Mike Verhoeven

      My name is mike Verhoeven, Born in 1974 Son & Breugel in the Netherlands. I started painting when I was 13 years of age. I do Acryl paintings and...

    • Anneke de Jager

      Anneke Huting-de Jager, figurative paintings

    • Brighart ®

      Brighart, born in Amsterdam. She studied 2004-2007 full-time as an artist at WBK Vrije Academie (studio) voor beeldende kunsten in The Hague. In...

    • N Raemansky

      A the moment my art is about sceneries from the underground and affairs that are related to that. And about how it often picks remote, abandoned,...

    • Angelica Obino

      Selfeducated Artist with a wide spectrum of artistic expressions

    • Joke Albers

      Your question or comment is welcome......

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