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    • Tineke van Grol

      My name is Tineke van Grol and I live in Nieuwegein. After starting with drawing and painting, I found in weaving my colourfull medium . Althought...

    • Arno Kuppens

      Arno Kuppens (signature NOL) was born in 1978. He grew up, learning the love for sculpting from his father sculptor Jos Kuppens. In 2003 he...

    • Monique van der Mei

      Monique van der Mei is a self-taught artist with a fondness for animals, fauna and people. Monique strives to let her work be as realistically as...

    • Aad Kouwenhoven

      Aad Kouwenhoven (1955) Nieuwveen The Netherlands Watercolorist.

    • Riky van Deursen

      Riky van Deursen (1962), Dutch based, Amsterdam. Painting for me is a journey in which my feelings and the exploration of various techniques are...

    • Seval Gülören

      Hi i'm Seefie, born in 1967 and autodidact. I live in the beautiful city Haarlem in the Netherlands. I make paintings with acrylpaint on paper.

    • Paul R. Kock

      Black and white or one color, I like to work with that. And everything from my photographic experience.

    • Wim van Loon

      Through my art I share the observations I make of my surroundings, my feelings and my thoughts. Looking at the world as a painter allows me to...

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