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    • Walda Mees

      Walda (Zuidlaren NL 1955) works mostly figuratively. Her work originates from the need for timeless beauty 'within reach', and the recording of...

    • Rien Nijboer

      Rien Nijboer was born in the Netherlands in 1963. Living in the town Lelystad, he makes paintings since 1995. When making paintings, there is no...

    • Ton van der Linden

      Realism, surrealism and sometimes a little cartoonesk. Ton van der Linden, born 1956 and autodidact, started publishing weekly cartoons and...

    • Monique Sleegers

      In my sculptures the human body is the main subject. More specifically the conflict between the body and the mind is what engages me the most.

    • Sarah Creek

      My work is mainly painted with acrylic on linen / canvas . Black / white / grayscale. When I use color I mix the primary colors and I use brown...

    • Erik van Grinsven

      In 2010 I started painting after a short paintcourse. Later digital art also grabbed my attendtion.

    • Peter van Damme

      In my work as a painter I try to evoke worlds, emotions, feelings, thoughts etc through coloured shapes and lines. It depends of the density and...

    • Saskia Lensink

      Saskia Lensink (1970) paints an draws people, still life and landscapes. She uses oil paint, gouach and aquarelle an different drawing materials.

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