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    • Jessica van Schijndel

      Dongen, Noord-Brabant. Bright colors and contrasts. Floral, watercolor and acrylic. In her spare time entrepreneur of metalcompany.

    • Maia Siradze

      The creative process is a special event. Sometime an idea in your head change unexpected when you start putting the first strokes of paint on your...

    • Cynthia Vandenbor

      Cynthia VandenBor (1973) is the creator of birdwomen. Surreal paintings.

    • Erica Kraan

      I make sculptures out of clay and wax with a lot of passion. Often realistic, working with a model. Since the end of 2015 I also started painting....

    • Jos Smit

      Contemporary realist Jos Smit was born in 1965, since a couple of years he is part of art painting circle 'Bessie'. Many people consider his work...

    • Frank Hölsgens

      My name is Frank Hölsgens. Born in 1966. My whole life I am fascinated by the arts.I studied one year at the academy of Art in Maastricht,...

    • Betty Kloosterman

      My name is Betty Kloosterman(1968) and I'm painting watercolour since 1994. Watercolour has exeptional possibility's of how and what the water...

    • Richard Vloemans

      My name is Richard Vloemans. Date of birth 1983 in Waalwijk. My current residence is Blaricum and also the place where my studio is located. The...

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