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    • Moniek Nooren

      To 'give voice' to stones, wood and other materials or express life-force; that is what I do. My sculptures refer to constantly changing feelings,...

    • Hannie van Wanrooij

      Hannie van Wanrooij makes oilpaintings. Mostly about people. Her work is variated, using naturel colours and lively colours. Her latest work is...

    • Elisabeth Fuchs

      (1952) Netherlands

    • illustris designs

      Exclusive wire art by illustris designs. I design mostly suncatchers and unique candle holders. I work with quality materials like Swarovski...

    • Liya -

      My name is Liya. My style is diverse (semi-)figurative and somewhat suggestive of nature. My favorite subject is the human being and concerning...

    • Joke Kokkelkoren

      I make my work from observation. People, animals and our environment. I paint in oil, watercolour and pastel.

    • Janneke Hooghuis

      I like to paint in a very expressive way with a lot of colors.

    • Rachèl Harmsen Kharel

      Rachèl is an artist, illustrator, designer, Fine Art & Design teacher and child care worker. 2013 - 2015: Child Care at PedagiQ/Da Vinci College...

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