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    • Josephina Maria van Schoor

      Hello; My name is Josephina Maria van Schoor. My passion is to paint. If it's possible every day a few hours. I'm 65 years old and I traveled a...

    • Irina Gorchak

      My name is Irina Gorchak. I am making art for personal pleasure Family and friends say, “You should try to sell this.”

    • Marian van der Burgt

      Marian van der Burgt ( 1968) was born and raised in Nuland. In 2002 she delved into ancient painting techniques and in 2008 she finished the...

    • Ben van Eijk

      van Eijk is an artist with an incredible imagination, jumping from pure black and white to the other end of the spectrum making vividly coloured...

    • Lucienne Kaaij

      I am a teachter in drawing and an artist. Since august 2016 I am retired. I love it to paint gardens en I am also a lover of working in my garden.

    • Jacolien Popken

      Jacolien 1950, drawing and painting is very important for me. Maritiem,landscapes and people are subjects,who I daily like to paint and draw in...

    • Jos Gelissen

      Being a professional military officer gone to retirement the focus is now fixed on realistic art with a message. The relation between the human in...

    • Jessica van Schijndel

      Dongen, Noord-Brabant. Bright colors and contrasts. Floral, watercolor and acrylic. In her spare time entrepreneur of metalcompany.

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