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    • Stephanie Engelbrecht

      Stephanie Engelbrecht, born in Centurion South-Africa, 1996.

    • Tine Lievens

      Tine Lievens ° 1952 Tine studied art at the academies of Roeselare and Izegem (Belgium) during which she specialised in drawing from a model and...

    • Frank van Veen

      Live and work in French Burgundy where my surroundings inspire my graphic work. Artcollege education in Den Bosch (Holland) 1969-1974.

    • Ronald Hunter

      Hello, Welcome to my site! Me? (Born 1973 Netherlands) I have studied art in the Netherlands and have been painting for many years now, mostly...

    • Andras Vaczi

      About me: I am a visual artist. My name: Andras Vaczi I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. First of I make copper etchings, moreover...

    • Wilma van der Lee

      Wilma van der Lee, was born in Flushing (1947). Already at a very early age she engaged in artistic activity. Her creativity was fed by the...

    • Ermani (jurgen Herman)

      Born in 1972 at Aalst (East-Flanders), now living at Oudenburg (West-Flanders) Self Educated, with additional extra courses. Arts and Graphics at...

    • Levi King

      International artist , using the world as his canvas and workshop

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