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    • Pim Bronkhorst

      A painting by Pim Bronkhorst remains a mystery. His art consists of various layers begging to be explored. His work displays a self-evident,...

    • José Elfers

      Born in 1955 in Enschede, the Netherlands, I am autodidact. Since 2007 I work full time as a painter,mainly making portraits. For a longer period...

    • Conny van Acquoy

      I'm a real nature lover. Mainly Scotland gives my preference with all its Flora & Fauna. That you will also see back in many of my work .... I...

    • Marlijn de Vries

      My inspiration is 'the other'. I enter that world during the creative process. Theme's as lonelyness, happiness, desire and amazing follow. My...

    • Mus


    • Ann Ilsbroukx

      Painting the road ahead... both animal and human encounters and company are my inspiration for these abstract paintings. I've had this 'urge' to...

    • Iris Depasse

      Iris Depassé (1968) makes pictures and paintings. Her work is mostly colourfull and often abstract. You're very welcome to have a look at her site.

    • K. de Beer

      Prolific and poetic in his authentic photographs, Karel de Beer is an entirely self-taught artist. Simplicity is the hallmark of these freshly...

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