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    • Elena Sokolova

      I started painting after some years of living in Holland. Probably, this is something special in the air here :). My painting is on the book cover...

    • Helga Renders

      Using bright colors in her paintings, Helga Renders likes to show us a touch of poetry. People are her favorite subjects.

    • Geneviève Gougon

      Geneviève Gougon was born in 1975 on the island of Curaçao in the Dutch carribean. She moved to the Netherlands when she was ten years old....

    • Geziena Pomp Looman

      drawing, painting and photography are my passions.

    • Gert Tabak

      I am an artist with main interest in photography. Every now and then there is time to make sculptures in bronze.

    • Alicia Gil Mataix

      Alicia Gil Mataix, graduated at the Academy of Arts in Valencia. The characteristics of her paintings are the use of bright, clear colours and...

    • Femke Noordink

      Oil paintings with geometrical shapes, animals and human figures.

    • Agnes de Zanger

      Paintings, drawings in ink and charcoal. Now and than I make monotypes. Besides that I am a keen photographer. People are my main subject on my...

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