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    • Angela Bogaard - 1957

      Practising artist over 30 years. Professional artist since 1983. I experimented with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and functions of...

    • Heleen Makkinga

      In the paintings of Heleen Makkinga, you can see her fascination for the world of the microscope and telescope. This mysterious and hidden world...

    • Wim Wessling

      Wim Wessling is inspired by the beauty of the human body, male and female. That can be a bodyscape or a part of it. He paints on linen in oil,...

    • Marjo Sleiderink

      Introduction The geometrical essence of objects and space always has a distorted perspective, due to our own perception. Images enter our brain up...

    • Rachel van Balen

      In my work I often make use of powerful lines and colors. I use abstracted shapes that arise in my memory, or I create them by editing...

    • Christina Chatzideve

      The style of Christina Chatzideve is a mix of abstraction, figuration and expression. Constantly experimenting with techniques and materials...

    • Ralf Heynen

      Classical realism in fine arts Portraits on commission

    • Erik

      I design and manufacture lamps and candlesticks from used materials, especially from used light bulbs and bicycle parts.

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