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    • Lize van de Ven

      Child of The Most High Born in 1981 Grew up in Cape Town, South Africa Got hooked on painting at the age of 15 Qualified Dental Technician Married...

    • Liselot Ribbens

      visual artist,illustrator. born 3-12-53 in Zaandam (ned) degree program at the Art Academy in Arnhem (ned)

    • Pim Bronkhorst

      A painting by Pim Bronkhorst remains a mystery. His art consists of various layers begging to be explored. His work displays a self-evident,...

    • José Elfers

      Born in 1955 in Enschede, the Netherlands, I am autodidact. Since 2007 I work full time as a painter,mainly making portraits. For a longer period...

    • Conny van Acquoy

      I'm a real nature lover. Mainly Scotland gives my preference with all its Flora & Fauna. That you will also see back in many of my work .... I...

    • Marlijn de Vries

      My inspiration is 'the other'. I enter that world during the creative process. Theme's as lonelyness, happiness, desire and amazing follow. My...

    • Mus


    • Ann Ilsbroukx

      Painting the road ahead... both animal and human encounters and company are my inspiration for these abstract paintings. I've had this 'urge' to...

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