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    • Jiro Ghianni

      For nearly two decades Jiro produced interactive multi-media art and abstract animation films, focussing on gender and sexuality. Since his own...

    • Cas Pieksma

      I was born in 1962 and as long I can remember me I'm being creative with my hands. I have been working for long time with steel and wood. But...

    • Ria Rakers

      Out of love for all, flowing of energy, free, joyfull and rich in colours. I was born 1955 in Groningen, the Netherlands. I live a part of the...

    • Brigit Krol

      Painting is like a tour of discovery, like a journey through nature or various countries. This inspires Brigit to create atmospheric, modest...

    • Thecla Algra

      Thécla Algra (1964) Passion for visual arts, both on canvas and ceramic Attraction from inspiration of nature and mankind.

    • Laurens Groenhout

      Laurens Groenhout born on the 18th of april 1982 in the city of Deventer is an self-taught artist. His abstract paintings contains various intense...

    • Ruud Lips

      Born in 1965. Painter of various Fantasy themes. Mysterious landscapes, Trees and Forests. Surreal Abstracts with figurative elements. My...

    • Edwin Westhoff

      Inspiration comes from perfection and space in nature. In architectural photography I project the same.

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