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    • Eva Mout

      My work tells about male power, dominance, responsibility or the lack of it. It is about male love, care, inner struggle and insecurity. I am...

    • Inger Steyn

      “What happens if…” – this question is key in exploring new ways and possibilities. Take new turns and examining ways that have not been...

    • Maura Kruijning

      I am Maura Kruijning, 17 years old. My hobby is drawing and everything I've drawn is self thought. I've been drawing since I was little and now...

    • Dorrit van den Boogaard

      Dorrit van den Boogaard paints with oilpaint and her work is (sur)realistic. The subjects are very diverse.

    • David Tak

      David Tak (1962) autodidact existentialistic / nietsistic art

    • Annemarie Bokkers

      Acrylic Painting is what I am, it’s my passion and love to use rich colors. Since my childhood I’m practicing, I had the perfect teacher in my...

    • Sjoukje Haga

      Frisian, authentic , perfectionist and colorful. Creative in the most broadest sense of the word. - Working with wood, paint, and pencils are my...

    • Erik Visser

      Erik Visser, artist and Master painting. (CNS in Zwolle1968) Born in 1947 in Wassenaar. Color Expert with Love for Wisdom and Truth. From 1986 -...

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