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    • Cees-jan Aardenburg

      Why ? a journey to: to know, the will to show, passion, amazement, The smile of the viewer.

    • Jos Smit

      Contemporary realist Jos Smit was born in 1965, since a couple of years he is part of art painting circle 'Bessie'. Many people consider his work...

    • Janja Vrucht

      I'm Janja Vrucht and painting for two years. I was born in 1957 in Groningen. Education: teaching academy. My favorite subject is painting...

    • Peter de Volder

      I paint Dutch landscapes in a sort of naieve style. I work with three sorts of landscape: Harderwoude, Gulpebeek and Westerwerf: forrest, hills,...

    • Laura l Currie

      My name is Lauralouise and I am self-educated. Drawing is what makes me really happy. I prefer drawing on my iPad or iMac. I'm working with a...

    • Jan Teunissen

      Realistic artpaintings - still lifes, animals, portraits and more.

    • Lizette Bazuin

      I am inspired by tiny, delicate objects, organic as well as inorganic, found coïncidently along the shore, in Zeeland or elsewhere. I place this...

    • Maria Meester

      Colorful, expressive abstract paintings.

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