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    • Erik-jan Kruyssen

      I am Erik-jan Kruyssen.I live in Amsterdam all my life I have always been painting and drawing.You may see in my works whatever you want.....

    • Marcel Straver

      I like to paint my own coloured world. My interpretation of what I see. Sometimes I stay close to reality, sometimes I abstract more. The subjects...

    • Meinto Post

      POSTARTDESIGN the way to express yourself in the future

    • Pol Ledent

      Belgian painter, oil paintings and watercolors. Painting landscapes, nudes, abstract, flowers .

    • Elyn Fryer

      I am living and working in a small village on the river Dordogne in the department of the Lot. I paint, usually in water colours, but also guache...

    • Yvonne van Oosterhout

      I'm Yvonne van Oosterhout born in 1949 in Breda I'm at the Academy of Fine Arts (Belgium) and many seated exhibited across the country. The work I...

    • Henk Martin Hollebeek

      My art is versatile and my disciplnes are drawings, watercolors, pastels, oilpaint- and acylpaint paintings, etchings, lithographies and...

    • Johan Kuhlmann

      As an artist, Johan Kuhlmann is inspired by buildings and spaces. The buildings and constructions in his works are often colorful and combined...

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