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    • Inge Hergarden

      Birth year 1954. Self-taught and educated at Crejat Alkmaar in drawing and painting and mosaic course (at Atelier 6 in Heerhugowaard) Since 2011...

    • H Goslinga

      Hgoslinga is a ' Chasseur d'image’ < an images viewfinder > someone who during his travels and encounters people and things accurately observate...

    • Koert Dekker

      Koert Dekker (1954 Rotterdam - Holland folowed his education at at the Art Academy of Rotterdam (1977- 1982), lives and workes in Rotterdam. He...

    • Gea Boon

      Atelier Gea Boon Remind yourself you can play forever Remind yourself you'll continue studies Remind yourself you want to know

    • Paula Collewijn

      Drawings, Paintings and Sculptures Animals & Humans In Portrait ~ Souls of Art ~ By Paula Collewijn Paintings, drawings & sculptures of animals,...

    • Eric Cremers


    • Hannah van der Wey

      Was formerly mainly color important for my work, and bold use, today is the image that also. The representation is multi interpretable. Since I...

    • Inge van Velsen

      My name is Inge van Velsen, I always loved to draw. Throughout my working life and care for the family, this was at a low ebb. Since 2010 I follow...

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